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2009 (May - August)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2009.



2009 Pages

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Adopted*** Samson  ***Adopted


Samson has gone to a new home with a big, fenced yard.  He is finally able to get the love and exercise he deserves.  His new owner is a runner so he gets to run with him and play and the yard.  Samson’s new Dad comes home for lunch, too, and the great thing is, he always wanted a husky, and now he has one.  We all agree Samson is the "prettiest boy" we have ever seen!!!





Samson is a year and a half old, male, purebred Siberian Husky.  He has one blue eye and one brown. Samson weighs approximately 70 lbs, is neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date on shots.  He has lots of energy and needs a home where he can be exercised regularly as he has been confined in a small area for too long.  He cannot be around cats, but is great with kids and other dogs. 






Adopted*** Dude  ***Adopted


Dude has gone off to this new family.  They have had Cockers before and just love that breed. When they met Dude, they fell in love.  The good news is the Mom works days and Dad works nights so the puppy won’t ever be alone.  He is the last of the five (three pictured below) to find a forever home.






Adopted*** Belle and Boss  ***Adopted


Belle, the blonde cocker spaniel has gone off to her new home. All reports are she is doing great.  Her new owner comes into town to visit one of SCARS' foster homes so we get to hear reports on her quite often. Belle is a blonde bombshell, isn’t she?  We are really happy she has a good home.


Boss has settled nicely in his new home in Missouri.  He is already potty trained, too!!  He has the run of the house and two children to play with.  The family drove straight from the airport on their way home from a vacation to pick him up.  He is really a cutie pie and a lucky dog!!





These purebred, Cocker Spaniel pups are 13 weeks old.  They have been wormed and given their puppy shots.  They will be neutered at about 4 months old.  All are crate trained, lively, and just about the cutest things you have ever seen.  We’re sure they will be adopted quickly, so contact us ASAP if you are interested.


Boss (male)

Dude (male)

Belle (female)



Adopted*** Amber (now known as Duchess)  ***Adopted


Okay SCARS readers, here is a tear-jerker for you. The owner of Amber/Duchess brought her to us in a truck and said he was living in a garage and could no longer keep her. He was crying but knew he was out of options. A friend offered to foster her and her 9 year old pal, and they kept her for several months. She has been adopted and now has a canine brother to play with and kids to sleep with. When I checked with the new owner, she had slept in his daughter’s bed and was happy to be home. We are hoping members of the original family will take in the 9 year old lab soon.  Here is a letter we recently received from Duchess’ new owner:


“Just wanted to let you know that Duchess is doing great and has adapted well!  She was a little slow to trust the new home and her new playmate Jackson who is also a Lab/German Shorthair mix. To start with she didn't want to leave my side and slept as close as she could next to me at night.  It has now been a week and I have to stop her and Jackson from wrestling in the house, they also love playing tug of war with a rope toy.  Your ad said she was house broken and she was good with other dogs and good natured.  Well she is all that and more - WE just LOVE HER to death.  She is a really sweet dog and we wouldn't trade her for the World!!!  I am going to send you some pictures of Duchess and Jackson playing as soon as I can get my son to send them - I don't know how to.  Any way I just want to let you know she is doing GREAT and we really appreciate all you and your staff have done to help us with this process.  For anyone else reading this, please forget about getting a dog with papers and get one of these dogs that have lost their home, their family and playmates.  The best dogs I have owned have been stray dogs that just want to have a home to go to and someone to show them love and attention.  Also, remember if you get a dog from this shelter or most any other shelter they will let you return the dog or cat if it just doesn't fit in with your family.  If you buy one from a puppy mill you most likely will not be able to return it!  Again thanks so much for all you and you staff have done for us and for saving Duchess!!!  That is the main thing she was given a second chance and now is a happy fun loving dog that make me and my family extremely happy.   -Doug from El Dorado KS

P.S. if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me, the shelter can give you my email address. Love you pet!!”


Amber is a female, three year old, Labrador Retriever mix. She is spayed, housebroken, and up to date on shots.  Unfortunately her owner has lost his home and they have nowhere to keep her. Amber gets along with other dogs and people young and old. 







Adopted*** Snickers  ***Adopted


Snickers is the first of the Cocker Spaniel pups to go off to his new home.  He was snatched up so fast, he didn't even make it to the “Adopt Me” page.  The owner has a 4 year old Cocker and has been looking for a playmate.  We all agree that these are gorgeous pups and Snickers has such unusual coloring...caramel, black and white.  All is well and he is doing just fine!!





Adopted*** Cocoa  ***Adopted


Just when we never thought the right home would come along for Cocoa, here comes the perfect family.  They had a Cocker Spaniel years ago and, one day, wanted another.  They said they would know when the perfect dog was ready.  Then their son saw Cocoa on our website.  When we got the call about Cocoa, we all knew this was the perfect family and he knows it too.  Cocoa is safe and sound in his new home with people all around who love him.  He is getting over his shyness and we just know he will live happily ever after!!!



We seem to be having trouble getting a good picture of Cocoa - the blurry picture below is not very good. Here is a new one. Cocoa is not big, but looks it.  He weighs about 30 lbs., is up to date on shots, and is now neutered.  He is almost housebroken, very shy at first and gentle.  Cocoa is good with other dogs and has no bad habits except he needs lots of tender loving care so he can bond with his new family.





This Cocker Spaniel is almost a year old and almost housebroken!  He is well socialized and up to date on shots.  Coca is very shy and needs someone who will work with him so he will trust people.  He is not agressive, just shy. 





Adopted*** Jasper  ***Adopted



Jasper has hit the jackpot!!  He is settled in his new home and spend his time both inside and outside.  He has 5 fenced acres which is perfect for an energetic lab.  Jasper is beginning training classes and will in training for 12 weeks.  We expect him to come out perfectly behaved.  He has a great family to love him and hope he lives happily ever after!!




Jasper is a male, 2 year old Labrador Retriever mix.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, and housebroken.  Jasper is a family dog and well behaved but not getting enough exercise where he lives.  His family does not have time to get him out and about as much as he needs and they feel he has to spend too much time in a kennel.  Jasper would be a great farm dog but loves to be inside at night!







2009 Pages

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