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2015 (April to June)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Chloe and Ruby ***Adopted



These two beautiful pups are now known as Chloe and Ruby!!  Their new owners were smart enough to realize that two is easier than one!  They will keep each other company and sleep together even though it sounds like they are being shared by the two children.  We are so happy to know how great they are doing and so grateful they got to stay together!





Adopted*** Josephine ***Adopted


Josephine, one of our Lab/Retriever pups, went off to her new family!  She has four children to shower her with love and a canine sister at home.  Josephine was one of the shy pups, and took to this family right away.  They wrote that she is doing great.  However, the one thing I forgot to tell them is that she is perfect!!




Adopted*** Piper ***Adopted


When Piper's new owner saw her picture it was love at first sight.  He lives alone and recently got out of the military, and needed a companion!  Piper seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  He likes to run, and so does she, she likes to chew up lots of things like shoes, and he doesn't seem to mind too much.  She likes to snuggle and so does he!  They both like to watch TV.  She goes to the dog park while he goes to work, and they look forward to their nights together.  We all wondered why Piper had not been adopted, but now we know. The right person had not come along, but he finally did!! 




Piper is (now) a 38 lb, female, Jack Russell Terrier mix.  She is spayed, making progress on house breaking, up to date on shots and a real cutie.  Piper was abandoned at a house with just a bag of food sitting next to the fence. How anyone could leave this precious little dog is incomprehensible, but they did.  Fortunately she was discovered and ended up at the pound in a Missouri town.  Piper jumped on the back of the bus headed to Topeka with Bentley from the same pound and is residing here until her forever home shows up!!





Adopted*** Walter ***Adopted


I was beginning to give up hope that I would get my very own family.  Don't get me wrong, I had a blast at SCARS chasing squirrels and birds, but longed for a one on one relationship.  First I was brought into a shelter in Kansas as a cruelty case.  Then my brother and I got adopted and he was hit by a car, so my family returned me.  I was languishing in a shelter when Maureen saw me and took me to SCARS.  I was having fun there when a nice family decided to take me home to their 500 acres.  I had a brother dog there too, but we ran off and I supposedly killed a chicken and returned.  In truth, he attacked me first.  Back to SCARS where I had a bug bite that almost did me in.  Finally, a family came along who loved me for myself in spite of my scabs!  I am now firmly settled in with my bro, Leonidis, and a huge yard that I have claimed as my territory. My days are spent giving squirrels "the business" and either sleeping in the sun, or on my orthopedic bed in the bedroom.  All is well in Oz!



I just finished reading a wonderful book by Dave Barry on Walter, a blonde lab he had as a boy.  Walter came to his family at Christmas and saved them all from despair after losing their family dog to old age.  We lost our Madison of 15 years to cancer this week, and now here comes a blonde lab who needs a home and I am calling him Walter!!


He is an 80 lb, neutered and housebroken, male blonde Lab mix.  He loves other dogs but has been banished because he killed some chickens.  SO!!! If you have chickens roaming around, please do not consider Walter.  If you have other dogs, kids and a lot of love to give that will be returned, Walter is your boy!





Adopted*** Reggie ***Adopted


When I first saw Reggie's picture at a dog adoption day in KC, I fell in love with his face.  He was wearing a darling blue back pack and his crooked grin was adorable.  I read that he was "out of time" due to his hyper personality.  On the other hand, I would be hyper too in a cage for months after being left at shelter by my owner.  We brought him here and, indeed, his energy level was high...he could outrun the Gator zooming around our 50 acres.  Months went on and no applications on this cutie...until one day I got the perfect email and I said "Reggie, you have just hit pay dirt!"  The rest is history. He is now in the loving arms of a family of four! They love him and send pictures of him and their kids and their poodle in various situations, not the least of which was in a school classroom!!! Thanks to everyone who played a part in his rescue, he would have been a terrible loss.



Reggie is a darling two year old, male, Boxer mix.  He is neutered and housebroken and great with other dogs and kids.  Reggie was posted on the internet as "out of time" and unless a rescue took him, he was in danger of being euthanized in a few days due to his high energy level.  I know dogs need far more exercise than they get in shelters, and many private homes.  I felt if he came here and ran our 50 acres he would settle down and indeed he has.  He is still energetic, but sleeps like a log and has a really cute crooked smile.  In addition, he has become protective, so anyone who adopts him will know they are safe when he is around.  We can only speculate about his mix. Sometimes I see a hint of Great Dane with his lanky legs. He weighs about 70 lbs and has won all hearts here.





Adopted*** Mya ***Adopted


Another great Easter present!!  We are so happy that Mya is getting glowing reports and the family loves her and wants to keep her.  She has two little girls to love her, two puppy pals, a big yard and lots of people around.  What could be a better home for this little cutie??






Mya is a year old shepherd mix of some sort!!  She weighs 28 lbs, is spayed and housebroken.  Mya is loving and sweet and has "rabbit fur" it is so soft.  She is a bundle of energy.  Mya can outrun any dogs here at SCARS and leave the Gator behind!  She was on a chain during the day and has a lot of pent up energy.  She will retrieve a tennis ball until you are too exhausted to throw it any longer! Mya loves kids and plays great with other dogs and will be a fun and wonderful companion!






Adopted*** Candy ***Adopted


Today I got my best Easter present ever...my very own home!!!  When I was showing off at PetsMart a really nice family came to see me and decided to make me their own!  Today they came to get me at SCARS and I wore my best Easter collar for my celebration.  I am going to live happily ever after and that is a promise.






Candy is a beautiful 12 lb, spayed, housebroken Chihuahua.  Candy is 2 years old, housebroken, and great with everyone.  She is loving and sweet and needs someone to cuddle her and give her lots of attention. Somehow she ended up on Craig's list which can be very worrisome so a kind young woman took her in.  However, she was unable to keep her as she had several dogs of her own and works full time.  Whoever gets this darling dog will hit the jackpot.







2015 Pages

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