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2014 (April to July)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2014.



2014 Pages

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Adopted*** JJ  ***Adopted


JJ's owner could not keep him so we were contacted.  Miracles happen, and I knew of a man who had lost his dog and JJ looked similar.  I asked him if he would be willing to meet him and he said YES!!  JJ has turned out to be the perfect dog for him.  He is energetic, but not hyper.  He loves living in the country and the two have bonded. Here he is with a SCARS volunteer giving him a big hug! Adoptions rarely go this fast!






Adopted*** Arya  ***Adopted


I was found wandering in a town in Kansas, really hungry and kind of skinny so I decided to head for Starbucks since I heard they had good coffee, and I needed a “pick me up”.  A nice lady there saw me and decided I needed a lot more than coffee and took me home for a square meal.  Unfortunately I had to share it with three huge, furry German Shepherds.  It appeared their home was too small and they contacted their buddy at SCARS.  As luck would have it, a friend of Maureen's was looking for the perfect dog, and of course, that would be me!!  I am a gorgeous Husky mix of some sort with beautiful blue eyes and I am perfectly behaved.  They took me to their house and I loved it....it was cozy and I did not have to share my food!!  My mom treats me like a queen and my dad lets me watch TV with him and our favorite game is hide and seek.  I pretend I don't know where he is because he doesn't hide very well, but I don't want to hurt his feelings.  I am home, and not going anywhere else.  (you can see me laughing in my picture when I find my dad's hiding place!)




Adopted*** Manny and Calvin  ***Adopted


When a prospective adopter came to meet Manny and consider him for her family, she met Calvin at the same time.  Her young son was with her and liked them both, but let mom make the decision.  She thought about it for a long time and noticed how dependent Calvin was on Manny.  Manny is outgoing and brave, Calvin is shy and not brave.  She decided to adopt them both.  We set up a time for me to take the two dogs out to her house the next week, and this gave her time to change her mind.  The good news is she did not change her mind and so far, the two of them are doing great with the entire family. "Mom" tells me Calvin is even getting braver!




Adopted*** Roscoe and Sophia (now known as Sadie) ***Adopted


When the couple from McPherson drove over three hours to meet Sophia (now known as Sadie) they totally shocked me when they decided to adopt not only Sophia, but also Roscoe, her pal.  It just doesn't get any better than this story.  They have three children the perfect age for a dog and they didn't want to separate the two dogs that were so bonded.  We had begun calling Sophia by a new name, Sadie, because she did not respond to Sophia and the new family has kept the name Roscoe and Sadie.  They took a video of each child when they got in the car from school and met their brand new friends and it was really heartwarming.  In fact, I cried through the whole video!  Thanks a million times to this wonderful family for keeping these two friends together.


Roscoe is a 3 year old, red/chocolate, male Lab mix.  He is neutered and not yet housebroken, but sweet and loving. He weighs about 50 lbs.  He lived on a farm for several months after his owner passed away and took care of Sophia, the little black lab also looking for a home.  Roscoe is a people dog, very friendly and gets along well with other dogs.  He has a gorgeous red shine to his coat and in the sun, it is really beautiful.





Sophia appears to be a miniature, female, black Lab!  She only weighs 25 lbs is spayed and housebroken and is between on an two years old.  Her owner passed away and she is looking for a new home.  Sophia is very shy and timid, gentle and loving.  She really wants to be a lap dog, but in time she will get more confident when she gets used to a new home.  Everyone here loves her very much...she is irresistible.




Adopted*** Harry ***Adopted


Who would have ever thought it??  Harry was with us for so long, we felt he was part of the woodwork.  One day a couple we have known for years came to look at our dogs and spotted Harry in the distance and said "What kind of dog is he?  He is beautiful."  I said Harry was some sort of Retriever mix and everyone loves him but he hasn't worked out well in the two homes who tried to adopt him.  However, our friends would not be deterred and begged us to let him go with them and try him out.  So, it worked!!  Harry has adjusted beautifully and seems really happy in the country with them, their horses and two little dogs.  When we all went to visit him, he jumped all over us but we could tell, he was home.





Adopted*** Mickey ***Adopted


After Mickey was thrown out of his home because of accidents, he was really sad.  I had an application from an older couple who had lost their dachshund and I thought YES!!! they would be perfect.  I called her and she told me she had another doxie who was very lonely now, and she didn't care if Mickey had an accident...she has good carpet shampoo!  So, he met them, and his new brother, today and I can tell they will just love him and take such good care of him.  Dad said "Mickey, would you like to come home and sit in the chair with me and watch TV?"  I think I heard Mickey whisper "I would love to."





Mickey is a 3 year old purebred Dachshund of about 15 lbs.  He is neutered and housebroken.  Mickey had a few accidents after a year of living with a family and they decided to get rid of him.  His feelings were very hurt, but he is getting lots of love at SCARS and not having accidents.  We are working on his self-esteem and he is having fun with the other dogs and kids.  We think he is just adorable and his previous family made a big mistake!




Adopted*** Snow ***Adopted


We worried that Snow would not get adopted because she was deaf. The amazing thing is that many people were interested in her, a testimony to kindness.  Snow is beautiful and smart, and her foster mom took the time to teach her doggie sign language.  Along came a lovely young woman who thought Snow would be the perfect companion. She has picked up where foster mom left off, and is continuing her lessons and feels Snow is very smart.  So far all is well and they have bonded. I think Snow has found her forever home.





Hi, my name is Snow and I am a beautiful spayed, purebred, female Australian Shepherd.  I am only 6 months old and weigh 12 lbs and am not expected to get much bigger.  I have one problem, but to me it is not a problem, I am deaf.  However, my foster home is training me in doggie sign language and I catch on fast.  I play energetically with other dogs and rarely allow myself the disgrace of having an accident in the house.  I often hear people talking about me and saying how pretty I am.  I sure hope my inability to hear does not present a problem for my new family!!




Adopted*** Midas ***Adopted


When Midas' owner decided she could no longer take care of him due to health problems, we started the process of meeting him and moving him to a SCARS foster home where they could assess him in a smaller environment.  I was not too surprised when, the first day on our website, the applications came pouring in!  This was tough because everyone who was interested were great people, but we feel Midas has gone to the right place.  He is getting along great so far, no serious problems and the family (including grandkids) loves him. That is all we want for our dogs....a loving family.




Midas is a 3 year old Goldendoodle.  He is neutered and housebroken and tends to be shy.  Whoever adopts him will have to work on "bringing him out of his shell."  His owner says he doesn't bother anything in the house when left alone which is a real plus.  He is sweet and playful but confused because his owner is ill and he has to leave his home.  Midas is a beautiful golden color, but his groomer got a bit carried away and shaved him too close. He weighs about 45 lbs and will be a faithful and loving companion.







2014 Pages

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