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2010 (April to June)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



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Adopted*** Sport (now known as Theodore) ***Adopted



Sport's new name is Theodore. Dad will probably call him Theo but mom wants to call him Teddy.  He has a sister who is a Dachshund and a new house and fenced in yard.  Of course, he will be inside and outside and when he gets bigger and stronger, will be dad's running mate. We feel so fortunate to have such good homes for him and his sister, Jesse (below).




Adopted*** Tammy (now known as Jesse) ***Adopted


tammy home1Tammy is now very comfy in her new home!!  She is no longer called Tammy, she is now Jesse.  I visited today and could see she is very spoiled...she even has her own condo and a big yard to play in.  Her toys were spread all over the living room.  As you can see from her picture, mom is devoted to her and so is the rest of the family!!




tammy and sportq

Tammy and Sport are two precious 10 week old pups.  Their mom is a purebred Golden Retriever and dad is a purebred Rottweiler. Both parents have quiet and loving dispositions.  These little guys have had their puppy shots and been wormed.  They are so sweet and good...not noisy at all.  They have gold flecks throughout their coat from mom. These pups will make wonderful family companions.






Adopted*** Dexter ***Adopted


dexter hom1

Dexter's adoption is a great story. He and a doggy friend (she went home) arrived at the SCARS gate one afternoon out of nowhere - just standing there looking lost.  We brought them in, read their tags and called the owner.  He lived two hours away and had given them away to someone else because he and his family were moving.  To make a long story short, we got Dexter to the vet and before we could even get him on our website, I spoke to a fellow teacher.  Well, he and his family just happened to be looking for a medium sized dog.  They went over to meet Dexter at the vet’s office, and adopted him right on the spot! Dexter is a beautiful purebred Brittany Spaniel, now doing great with his new family.  He even gets to catch frogs!!




Adopted*** Finn ***Adopted



Finn has gained weight and slowly learned to trust people again.  He has now been adopted by a new family and has a German Shepherd as a buddy.  Finn is a gentle dog and his new family is experienced in taking care of dogs who have had tough times.  We look forward to hearing from his new family and finding out how he is settling in his new digs.




finn 042810-1

Finn is a one year old purebred male German Shepherd.  He is quiet and well behaved but came from an abusive home.  He was not fed adequately but is gaining weight and when he is strong enough, he will be neutered. Finn is up to date on shots, weighs 45 lbs and is heartworm negative.  Finn responds to commands and is almost housebroken. He needs a loving home.  Let us know if you are interested.







Adopted*** Joy ***Adopted


Joy is a gorgeous, female, one year old, purebred, brindle Boxer. She was turned over to us when her owner abandoned her. Joy had spent most of her life in a small crate. When we took her to joy home1be spayed, the vet's staff fell in love with her and called joy%20fishtheir favorite boxer owner.  Long story short, Joy is one happy gal.  She has FOUR brothers and is having the time of her life. These pictures say it all...





Adopted*** Sadie ***Adopted


sadie home 0410-1



Sadie has gone off to her new home with a close friend of the SCARS rescue.  She comes to visit on a regular basis and loves her rides in the car.  She has another dog for a friend and is spending quite a lot of time cruising with "Dad " in his truck!!




sadie 020610-1

sadie and jan1Sadie is a purebred, 6 year old, female, Boxer.  She has been spayed, is housebroken and up to date on shots.  Sadie has been shipped around from place to place and needs somewhere to land permanently.  She likes to bond with one person and tries to be a lap dog.  However, she weighs about 50 lbs so you will need to have a strong lap!!




Adopted*** Lexi and Sierra ***Adopted



lexi and sierra home1“Finally...here are the family photos! Our family is so excited have 2 new furry family members!  I had a husky for 14 years and have missed her so much since she died.  I have been watching online for quite some time to find a husky to adopt.  It was so amazing to find 2 such beautiful huskies for adoption together.  We brought them home and they were a perfect fit for our family!  Our three children love to play with them every day.  A HUGE thank you for the "foster care mom" that has given these wonderful "girls" a loving home for the past year.  We will be forever thankful for our sweet new family members!!!


Sincerely, The Stoll Family”



These two beautiful Huskies are registered purebreds.  They are spayed and housebroken and weigh about 50 lbs apiece.  The older one, Sierra (right), is 6 years old (black and white) and the younger, Lexi, is 5 years old and they have been together all their lives.  It would be great if they could be adopted together, but that may not be possible.  They have wonderful dispositions and will make great companions



lexi and sierra1




Adopted*** Stitch ***Adopted


Stitch has been adopted by a great family!  His previous owners moved to a small townhouse and there was no room for him. His new digs look like the perfect home and it appears that Stitch has hit the jackpot and is surrounded by love.

stitch home1



Stitch is a 7 year old, male, black Labrador Retriever.  He weighs 106 pounds, is neutered, current on vaccinations, has tested heartworm negative, and is housebroken.   Stitch is good with children as well as other dogs.  He is very friendly and good tempered. Unfortunately his owner had to move and cannot keep him. 





2010 Pages

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