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2008 (Apr - June)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



2008 Pages

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Adopted*** Pierre  ***Adopted


Pierre is now a spoiled lap dog and living with a retired woman. Her family includes grandkids who love him too. He will be going on lots of road trips to see his extended family. Apparently he has fit in just perfectly!!


Although Pierre is not French, his hair looks like a wild Frenchman, hence th ename. He is a 2 year old Wirehaired Terrier and weighs about 8 lbs.  Pierre is neutered, up to date on shots and housebroken. He is very gentle and patiently waiting to be adopted to his forever home.






Adopted*** Oreo and Sophie  ***Adopted



Oreo and Sophie have been adopted and are settling in well with their new family. Sophie was here so briefly we didn't have time to get her on our “Adopt Me” page. She traveled up from Mississippi and was a flood survivor and arrived in Kansas after many, many stops along the way. Sophie is a 3-4 mo old border collie mix but is not fluffy like Oreo. When her new family came to meet her they liked Oreo too and said "we will take them both!" We were thrilled because they will always have a buddy to play with. So far they are doing just fine and have two parents who are taking good care of them.



Oreo is a 3 - 4 month old, male, Border Collie. He has been wormed and will get his shots next week. He is a typical puppy - loves to play and chase the other dogs. Oreo is very healthy and normal and will probably be around 40 lbs when full grown.  He will need a home with people who are willing to exercise him regularly as he gets older.  How could anyone resist this beautiful puppy?






Adopted*** Delilah  ***Adopted

(now known as Samantha)


Delilah is now Samantha and has a new, big family to love her. She has many acres with a pond, and 15 grandchildren who adore her. The new family tells us she is so gentle with the kids and wants to hop in the car with any and everyone who comes by. If she will leave the cattle alone, she will be there permanently! Since Samantha was penned in total filth with another dog that was sick and starving, it is a miracle this dog is as sweet and gentle as she is. Have a great life!!!



Delilah is a 2 year old energetic purebred black Labrador Retriever.  She was rescued out of a filthy pen where she was a prisoner for several years. She has now been spayed and has all of her shots. Delilah is quite a powerhouse...loves to run and run but is well behaved in the house and car. She might do well as an only dog because she tends to be the alpha even though she plays well and rolls around with all of the other guys here.




Adopted*** Chewie  ***Adopted


Chewie has a new home now with a doggie brother with the same name...So far they get along great!! Little Chewie has two adoring people home all day to take care of him and so far all is well and they really love him. When I called to check he had just gone out to potty and was in for the night having a snack. They have a beautiful puppy and we will keep in touch with him




Chewie is a 6 week old german shepherd mix male. He is just about housebroken, has had shots and been wormed. Chewie is a loverboy and wants to be everyone's friend. He is just a precious puppy.




Adopted*** JoJo and Tippi  ***Adopted


Jojo  has a wonderful new home where she is being spoiled rotten. Her new name (she is so smart she already answers to it!) is Gertie. Gertie has a new bed and uses it when she isnt trying to jump in her person's bed. She gets walked several times a day and says it really beats being thrown from a car!! We wish her a wonderful life in her new apartment.


Tippi now has a wonderful new family and his very own 8 yr. old person to love. When I went over to take the picture, Tippi and friend were playing in grandma and grandpa's camper ..getting ready for a trip? Tippi has kept his name, has a boston terrier older sister and lots of love. later in the afternoon I spotted the family walking with Tippi down the sidewalk...a really special sight!!



Jojo (female) and Tippi (male) are Boston Terrier mixes. They are each a year old, spayed and neutered. They are also housebroken, up to date on shots, and well behaved in the house. These two cuties get along fine with other dogs and people.  Their story is a long one and they ended up in Wichita and will soon be here in Topeka. Wouldn't they be a great addition to your family. (they may be adopted separately)





2008 Pages

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