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2019 (March to May)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Milo ** Adopted


We despaired of ever finding a home for Milo as he was so wound up and wild when he got here, we figured no one could keep up with his energy.  Months went by and no one could deal with him although they all agreed he was very cute!  But one has to have an advocate and it came in the form of a volunteer who decided he was the dog for her. With fingers crossed, he went off to meet her family (parents, brother and sister) and so far so good!!!







Milo is an interesting combination. He is part Border Collie, part Heeler and part Staffie.  Milo came to us from a small, overcrowded pound in another state.  He had been incarcerated for months and was "losing it."  The staff loved him and worked hard to get him transferred as their shelter does not have adoptions and/or people coming to look at dogs.  Milo was in a tough spot.  Fast forward...I caved and took him here.  He was on tranquilizers and when they wore off, I contemplated putting him back on them but decided 50 acres and two ponds would have to do their magic, and they have. Milo is calming down nicely, there is no aggression and he plays well with other dogs. He has a bad habit of trying to grab his leash out of your hand and run away, playing.  He definitely needs a home where the people have energy and time to play with him.  He will chase and ball and bring it back to you til the cows come home. Milo weighs about 50 lbs, around 8 months old, is  neutered and heartworm negative. Isn't he gorgeous????




Adopted *** Samantha ** Adopted


Samantha seems to be a popular name for girls these days!  This little cute Shih Tzu has finally, after several tries, settled into her new home. She has a brother who looks like her twin and they are learning to play together.  Her personality is finally coming out and her new family loves her.  We could not be happier for this little gal.



Adopted *** Lily ** Adopted


Lily has finally settled into her new home.  It seemed to take forever to find the right home for her, but it has happened. She has a brother named Wizard a beautiful home in the country. In this picture, Lily is telling her new brother exactly who is boss and it is her!!!






Lily is a Pit Bull mix and will never be very large. Now she weighs about 38 lbs and is probably full grown. She must have had one parent who was a small/medium sized dog.  Lily is a beautiful lavender color, loves everyone and is good with kids, cats and other dogs.  She is housebroken and energetic, but well behaved.  We think she is gorgeous!




Previously: Meet Lily, the cutest Pit Bull puppy in the world!!  She is 4 months old and weighs about 15 lbs and will always be small.  We do not know what she is mixed with, but probably a small breed.  She has gold eyes and a lavender coat, is spayed and working on figuring out being housebroken.  Lily is being fostered with several other dogs and cats and loves everyone.  She is adorable and gentle, but playful.  We vote her cutie pie of the year!!!








Adopted *** Barkley ** Adopted


Barkley was a challenge, for sure.  He just wasn't getting adopted although he was gorgeous and friendly.  However, the bigger the dog, the harder it is to find a home for them.  My neighbor was helping and when she met a man who said he and his family were looking for a big dog, she said she knew just who would be perfect!  He is settled in with kids and his canine companion and so far, it is all good!!!













Barkley is a Great Pyrenees mix (maybe some Anatolian).  He weighs about 70 lbs, and is neutered, 4-5 years old, heartworm negative, and up to date on shots.  He has been living in the woods for a month or so and his owner made no attempt to find him.  He was rescued and brought here and we have some information, but not all.  A video shows him sniffing a cat, but not interested.  He is ok with other dogs but is protective behind a fence.  He is leash trained, sits on command, gentle with people and extremely well behaved in the house as he does not chew up anything. Not sure on housebreaking but is very close.  All in all, he is a great dog.





Adopted *** Alfie (now known as Nash) ** Adopted


Alfie was found rummaging around a dumpster at an elementary school and brought to us.  He was very thin and had a bad cut on his eye. Apparently, no one was looking for him so we went ahead and got all of his medical needs taken care of.  He was standoffish at first and hard to catch, but slowly began warming up.  A great family with three kids came to meet him and decided; 1) he was going to their home, and 2) his new name would be Nash!!  So Nash is now happily snuggled in with his new family!



Alfie is a 5 month old Shepherd mix of some sort!!  He is so adorable and we just love him!  He weighs about 40 lbs, is neutered and not quite housebroken yet.  No news on cats, as we do not have any.  Alfie loves to play with all of the other dogs and has lots of energy.  He was hanging out around a dumpster for several days, was very thin, and no one ever claimed him.  This cutie will make someone such a fun pet.






Adopted *** Tanner  ** Adopted


Tanner came back to us after a year because his owner lost her house.  We loved him once again and felt he would get adopted so fast.  But time went on and he did not...we could not figure it out.  He was beautiful and sweet, so we just enjoyed him while he was here.  Finally, a family from Nebraska applied and sent a picture of their Rottie mix who they had recently lost.  He looked so much like Tanner!  They came to pick him up and off they went to his new home.  Here are two pictures and all news is great news. They love him!



Tanner is a year old Rottweiler/Lab mix. He is quickly becoming our favorite dog.  Tanner is a year old, weighs about 50 lbs and is housebroken.  He loves kids and all dogs and plays energetically, but appropriately with other dogs.  He loves the water and running and playing, but settles down perfectly in the house.  Most evenings we find him curled up asleep on the sofa or recliner.  He had beautiful, soulful eyes...how could any family resist him?




Previously: Tanner is just a year and a half old and probably part Rottweiler/Lab. He is gentle with kids and submissive with other dogs. However, he cannot be around chickens! He weighs around 50 lbs and is neutered but owner says he is not totally housebroken. Tanner's owner is going through a divorce and unable to keep him, but he deserves a great and permanent home!!




Adopted *** Uber  ** Adopted



Uber had a tough go for a while.  We were not sure anyone would want him with a fractured jaw.  But it has not slowed him down and one of my former students and her family have adopted him and adore him.  We get lots of pictures of him dressed up in a variety of new clothes.  Plus, he has multiple dachshund siblings!!







Uber is a 6 year old double dapple, male Dachshund. Gentle and loving disposition




Adopted *** Zelda  ** Adopted


Zelda has gone off with a couple who recently lost their Boxer to old age, and decided to wait to get another dog. However their house was lonely and when they saw Zelda's picture, they loved her.  So she is now in her new home and doing well. During our last visit she told me she wanted to stay there forever!





Zelda is a 2 1/2 year old purebred female Boxer.  She is petite and has a wonderful disposition




Adopted *** Angie and Sasha  ** Adopted


When I got a call from a family member that their relatives were moving into assisted living, they asked if we could take the three dogs left behind.  Jethro (see previous page), Sasha and Angie were facing an uncertain future, for sure.  We moved them here and settled them into the routine of our daily life.  However, a kind woman who had met them at the vet called and wanted to adopt two of these cuties, so Angie and Sasha were off to their new home.  When I delivered them I just knew this was the perfect home with a backyard and porch to play on. So far the news is good!



Adopted *** Molly  ** Adopted



Molly and Valentine (see previous page) arrived together after being dumped in the country.  Molly was the more timid of the two and relied on Val for protection.  Since it was unlikely anyone would adopt them both we held out for a home with another dog for the two girls. Molly now has a big sister who looks after her and will teach her to be a good dog!!!








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