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2018 (March to May)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2018 Pages

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Adopted *** Bullet ** Adopted


Granted, I cry easily these days.  Granted my sister is in my every thought.  Granted, I am a sucker for a dog story, but so will you be when you read this. And you will cheer along with me...


Bullet was out of time.  He was hyperactive and out of control.  One of our workers was in school near this shelter, and she saw his picture and begged me to take him in....she would even pick him up and drive him to us.  I knew what that meant, when the dust settled in the driveway, and the car receded in the distance, I would be left with yet another wild, unadoptable young male shepherd.  So be it....he was in the grand plan.


We named him Bullet...he flew out of the yard like a jet.  We could not put a collar on him.....he spun in circles in the dirt having been locked endlessly in a cement run far too small and confining.  This was torture for a young, strong dog.  He had lost it, so to speak.  So, time went on and he ran and ran and he began to be a dog, one who could be loved, one who could run the race and win.  But, he would not walk through a door.  Was he punished someday, long ago, for venturing too close to the house....he would not tell us.


He captured many hearts here because he was beautiful and sweet, but troubled.  He did not trust anyone for a long time, so we gave him the gift of time and told him to take all he needed.  One day I got a call from a mother whose son wanted a German Shepherd more than anything in the world.  They had seen Bullet's picture and loved him....could they come meet him?  I told them another family was coming that day, but I would call them if it did not work out. and...it did not work out.

I love people like this mom. She was in the car and on her way before I hung up the phone.  This mother knew what her son wanted and he would get it.  Why was she so determined?  Because her son had been diagnosed with Leukemia....and he was on TV the preceding week.  His story is a tough one, but this family is tough and so is Bullet.

Mom spent time with him (he was to be a surprise) and, to his credit, Bullet did not misbehave. He was good.....he was kind....he was a dog.  A normal dog.  He jumped in the car, and this time Bullet was sitting next to the driver as the dust swirled around the disappearing car. He was going home.

If pictures tell a story, there are volumes in this one.



Bullet is a one year old, male, German Shepherd mix.  He weighs about 60 lbs and is neutered and appears to be housebroken.  Of course, no guarantees on that since they are animals!  Anyway, Bullet had 24 hours before euthanasia when SCARS was asked to pull him...fast.  When I saw his face, I knew I would not get any sleep if we did not save him, so he came to SCARS.  The first week was a nightmare.  He was so stressed, he leaped and twirled and spun in circles. However, with the passing of two weeks, he is clearly a great dog!  He knows a few commands, and never has an accident.  He is calming down, thanks to lots of exercise and playing with other dogs.  We have seen absolutely no aggression so I think it is safe to say, he will make a great companion.





Adopted *** Luna ** Adopted


Last summer I visited a home where a mother dog and her pups were living in incredible filth.  Animal control had been called over and over, and they did nothing according to the complainants.  Luna needed to be spayed as this was her third litter in a year and a half.  We took the pups, cleaned up her pen and instructed the family to keep it clean which they did not.  We even paid for her to be spayed and returned her.  Six months later I went back to check and she was without food and water, and feces piled everywhere.  The owner said she didn't want her anyway, and she came to us.  Now she is settled in nicely with a couple and their dog and all seems to be going well.  They were good with her very outgoing and energetic personality!





Luna is a year and a half old spayed German Shepherd/Husky mix.  She came from a family with kids and is good with them, and good with most dogs.  However, she can be protective if someone comes in she does not know, and will bark loudly to protect her family which is typical of most German Shepherds.  Luna weighs about 40 lbs and is quite strong!  She can run like the wind, but is well behaved in the house.  We love her floppy ear!!






Adopted *** Harley ** Adopted


One of our construction workers arrived with a dog in his car, and he said this was his "donation!!"  Harley had been thrown out of her house because she snapped at the kid, even though she was a real sweetheart and not aggressive.  Many dogs come to us this way...no second chances regardless of the circumstances.  Off she went to one of our fosters and after a failed attempt at an adoption, our foster announced that she was adopting Harley herself!!!  This is such fabulous news and these two are soulmates.



Harley (aka Sara Heart) is a purebred coonhound.  She is housebroken and spayed and gets along great with other dogs.  Sometimes she is happy being a couch potato, but she also loves to play with her doggie pals.  She weighs about 50 lbs and is probably better off not being adopted to a family with small children as they tend to make her nervous. Isnt she gorgeous???






Adopted *** Tiffany ** Adopted


Tiffany came to us as a purebred Golden Pyrenees.  She was bred in the great northwest as a designer dog, mom a purebred golden retriever, dad a Pyrenees.  The result was a gorgeous pup who was given as a wedding present to a couple who did not want a dog.  A year later she was surrendered to SCARS.  After multiple applications, we believe she has the perfect home.  Dad is a professor at K State and has a house on 80 acres.  You can see by this picture how happy she is !!







Meet the latest addition to the gang at SCARS.  Tiffany is a Golden Pyrenees which is a designer breed on the West Coast.  It is probably not even recognized yet, but I must say, she is beautiful.  Mom is a purebred Golden Retriever, and dad a purebred Great Pyrenees.  Tiffany is a year old, spayed female who weighs about 70 lbs.  She has been a "backyard dog" because she was a gift and the couple was too busy to really care for her properly.  However, she is a fast learner!  Here is what we know so far.  She can jump any fence, but does not run off.  She is submissive to all dogs, even little ones.  No info on cats.  She loves to run and play and is almost striped gold and white.  Isn't she lovely?





Adopted *** Australian Shepherds (Mike and Maggie) ** Adopted


I really had slim hopes of the Aussies getting adopted at all - much less together.  Not everyone wants to deal with a deaf dog, and also take on two dogs who have had little or no training.  But there are still people in our world who do not expect perfection, and they found us!  Their new names are Mike and Maggie and I must admit, the family has shown great patience. They remove silverware from the dishwasher and deposit it in the yard, eat furniture and chase their cats. But do you know what they said, "We love them!!"




These two blue merle Australian Shepherds are not only beautiful, but gentle and timid.  The male has the longer hair and he is deaf, but can see.  The female can see and hear, which is not always the case with blue eyed, white dogs.  They are best buddies, but would be fine if separated, as long as they each had another dog to play with.  They need work!!  They are coming along slowly on a leash, but will take a patient and experienced owner to bring them completely around to the dogs they need to be!  They weigh about 50 lbs each and are spayed and neutered.




Adopted *** Sadie ** Adopted


Sadie came here one day and was gone the next!  Once she hit Facebook, we could not keep up with the apps on her.  I cannot imagine anyone giving up this precious Yorkie, but they did, and now she is happy with her new family who will keep her forever!




Adopted *** Mia (now known as Tipsy) ** Adopted


Mia was the dog whose leg was caught in a trap and had to be amputated. She recovered really well and we wondered if she would be hard to adopt?  However, the good news is we had lots of great applications on her and she went off with a family of her very own.  Her name is now Tipsy, and here is a painting her owner did of her...isn't it adorable???





Adopted *** Willow ** Adopted


Willow is a gorgeous Collie, probably a miniature, and has gone off with her new owner!  She had a funny bark and we were told the owners had her vocal chords cut since she was a show dog and they wanted no loud barking.  Her new owner does not care if she has a croaky bark or not, he loves her just the way she is!!!




Adopted *** River ** Adopted


River was found running down a road in the city and picked up by a passing car. The couple who found her had recently adopted a dog from us, so they were full. They kept her for a week, advertised everywhere, called the local shelter and nothing happened.  So off she went to a SCARS foster who has two dogs and two cats.  The good news is she is fine with cats and after clearing up a urinary infection, she seems to be housebroken. A great couple from Ks. City came to meet her and she is now safely tucked into her new home!!!






River is a 6 month old, female black Lab.  She is spayed and seems to be housebroken.  River was seen running across a highway and dodging traffic with no collar or tags. A passerby managed to get her in the car, and took her home.  Weeks of searching for her owner were in vain and the local humane society had no report.  Finally they decided they could not keep her, and gave her to us.  She is very active but settles down nicely inside.  She is fine with cats and likes all dogs so all in all, this is a great dog!!





Adopted *** Shiloh ** Adopted



Shiloh has finally landed in her “forever home” after a few mistrials!  She came to us because the owners had no time for her and we probably had the highest number of adoption applications on her in years.  One family was determined to adopt her and off she went, with lots of good advice for a successful adoption.  In one month she was back.  She dug holes in their yard...good grief, so we tried again and screened a lot of homes.  Now she seems to be working out just great and thank you to the two girls who have made her fit into their home...maybe they don' t care if she digs holes or not!!!






Shiloh is a seven month old, female St Bernard/Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and close to being housebroken.  Shiloh is timid but sweet and loving. She is fine with cats and other dogs, and is well behaved in the house.  Good guess for her ultimate weight is probably 60 lbs?? Her coat is so fluffy it looks like Angora.  She is a real cutie pie.






2018 Pages

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