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2016 (March and April)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2016 Pages

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Adopted*** Sally ***Adopted


We were beginning to wonder if Sally would ever find her new home!  I have learned that if we wait patiently, the right people find our dogs.  Along came the PERFECT couple! They had a dog who needed a playmate and one with energy....that would be Sally.  Not everyone can deal with heelers since they are bossy and like to nip your ankles.  However, that did not deter them and Sally, so far, is doing great with her new bro named Cooper!








Sally is just too cute for words!!  She is a two year old, female, Aussie/Blue Heeler mix.  She is spayed, housebroken and loves other dogs.  Sally sometimes gets carried away with herself and thinks she is the boss, but most of our dogs put her in her place.  Weighing in at 35 lbs she has to act big and scary since she is just a squirt.  She was in a dark basement type shelter and was very sick upon arrival. She would not eat and kept throwing up but we found out she had parasites and got them all cleared up and she is raring to go!





Adopted*** Petunia ***Adopted



Petunia received so many applications and phone calls, I started answering the phone "Petunia's answering service!!"  I wish we had 100 just like her.  However, although there were many wonderful people who were interested in her, she went to the perfect home.  Mom and Dad are home a lot, and she now has a canine sister who is a similar breed.  Everyone tells me she has gone to a wonderful home where she will be loved and adored so I knew I made the right decision!!









Petunia is a female Wheaton/Cairn terrier mix.  She is 3 months old, and weighs 8 lbs.  She will be spayed by the time she is adopted and has had her puppy shots. Petunia is about as cute as they come, and she is also a loving, wonderful puppy who gets along with everyone!!  Whoever takes her into their home will have a fabulous companion.






Adopted*** Tyga ***Adopted


Tyga came to SCARS out of options, as do most of our dogs. His family split up and was moving and could not take him.  He had never been neutered or had shots, so we began our ritual of vet appointments and socialization with other dogs.  Tyga stole the hearts of all of us here and we decided the right family would find him when the time was right.  Well, the right family did come along with another little dog who was lonely and needed a pal.  Tyga, being Mr. Joviality, seemed the right sibling and the rest is history.  They are great buds and Tyga has his very own family!!





TYGA is a 3 year old, male, Rat Terrier, maybe with a little Beagle mix.  He weighs 30 lbs and is housebroken, neutered and great with kids and other dogs.  Tyga is so sweet and loving that anyone who adopts him will have a fabulous companion!







Adopted*** Mama Aspen (now known as Hazel) ***Adopted


Aspen's trip to her forever home has been a "long and winding road."  She came to us with five puppies, the third litter in two years and she was very tired.  We found homes for all of her babies and she was adopted to a family who did not take proper care of her so we brought her back here.  We decided to keep her until the PERFECT owner came to adopt her and they had to meet all sorts of rigid requirements....to love and adore her forever and ever.  Well, it has happened. She is now safely tucked in with her new mom who loves her and the feeling is clearly mutual.  Like all of our dogs, they are always welcome back here, but we do not think she will be returning. Oh, and her new name is Hazel!!!




Adopted*** Sonny ***Adopted


Sonny's owner turned him in to us because she was too ill to take care of him any longer. He was terrified and refused to play with any of the other dogs and did not eat well. One of our favorite fosters took him in and made several trips to meet prospective adopters but they all fell through.  Most were discouraged when he refused to come out from under a sofa, and one family braved it overnight.  Sonny did not want to leave his "foster" and made that clear to everyone.  He is now a permanent member of her family and wagging his tail furiously. He knew exactly what he was doing!





Sonny is a 5 year old registered Papillon.  He weighs 10 lbs, is neutered and housebroken.  He is fine with other dogs and shows no aggression. Due to a serious illness, Sonny’s owner has to relinquish him although she has had him since he was a pup.  Right now he is very frightened but gentle and we are anxious to get him settled in his new home where he can relax and have a lot of attention again.







Adopted*** Jackson ***Adopted



When I met Jackson he was living in a pen outside because the parents had divorced and he could not go to the apartment where mom had moved.  In the meantime, he was being visited daily and being fed, but life was boring and lonely.  It was time to move on, as his counselor told him.  Enter SCARS...known for moving on at a rapid pace.  Jackson was whisked off to the vet, neutered and updated on shots and, woohoo, heartworm negative. Everyone loved this little short legged golden retriever and in time the right family found him. He now has three human children to love, a lab sister and two responsible parents. Another happy ending!





Jackson is an interesting dog!  He appears to be a male, Golden Retriever/Basset mix.  He is 4 years old, neutered and loves everyone. We would call him Mr. Friendly but he came with a name.  His owner said he used to be housebroken, but events changed and he lived outside for a while.  He was groomed today and sure is pretty.  His gorgeous red coat and stubby legs make him quite the character!







Adopted*** Bandit ***Adopted


Bandit came to me from a former student who could no longer keep him.  To be honest, he had some troublesome issues such as being head shy and timid.  Normally this does not go over well with prospective adopters.  However, miracles do happen and along came a woman who happened to mention loving German Shepherds!  I told her we had one and would she like to meet him?  He was amazingly responsive to her, and she called back a few days later and wanted to try him out at her house.  So, off we went and he seemed thrilled to be leaving the chaos of 50 dogs.  He liked her house (except for the hardwood floors) and ran around sniffing everything.  In fact, he did not wave goodbye when we left..ha  ha.  The news from the front is all good and he is staying!






2016 Pages

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