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2015 (March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Pickle. Dill, and Echo ***Adopted


When a friend asked if we could take three twelve week old Jack Russell terrier pups, I said yes!

When I saw them I thought they were probably the cutest dogs I had ever seen.  There were two boys and a girl who later became known as Dill, Pickle and Echo.  Echo, the girl, was snapped up quickly by a former student of mine and her husband and Dill went to a family with six children!!  We had calls from all over the United States and Canada wanting these pups.  The final puppy, Pickle, went to a couple in New York City!  Pickle went with Maureen to Washington DC to visit her mother and his new owner came down from New York, met him in DC and flew him back to Manhattan.  The news on all pups is that they are all doing great!!!! I will say, the owners of these pups hit the jackpot.





Pickle flying home!



Pickle and Dill are 12 week old, male, Jack Russell Terrier pups.  They've had their puppy shots, they weigh about 7 pounds, and they are absolutely adorable, loving, and playful.  They will be neutered in two weeks and up for adoption.  Let us know if you are interested in bringing one (or both) of these cute little boys home.








Adopted*** Elsa ***Adopted


Elsa is a darling, female Chihuahua/Dachshund mix who got snapped up really fast.  Elsa came to us through a friend who knew she needed a home.  Her original owners were moving and she had never been to a vet!  She was such a cuddle bug and so adorable, I knew she would not last here long, and she did not!  A wonderful family took her home on trial and said she is working out really well. She loves the kids and gets along with the other dog and we are so thrilled she is in a permanent home!




Elsa is a two year old Chihuahua/Dachshund/Corgi mix of some sort!!!  She is spayed, up to date on shots and absolutely the sweetest and gentlest little dog in the world.  She really just wants to be a lap dog and someone's constant companion.  Elsa is good with other dogs but really loves people the most!








Adopted*** Wendy ***Adopted


Wendy had a rough start.  She ended up at a local shelter as a stray and was never claimed.  She sat in her pen and barked endlessly until she developed laryngitis and could not even be heard.  Although she was used as a temperament testing dog due to her gentle disposition she developed a mild skin condition and was put on the list to be euthanized.  A volunteer from SCARS was so upset about it, she took her in and fostered her in spite of having multiple animals herself.  Time dragged on but suddenly the perfect family came along and decided to adopt her as their own.



OK, so I am not beautiful.  Well, at least not to everyone, but I have my strong points!  I was in a shelter and was used as a "meet and greet" dog for temperament testing on the new arrivals because I am so mellow!  But I got sick, and heard them talking about "putting me to sleep."  This did not sound good but one day a woman came along, was nice to me and called a local rescue called SCARS and told them of my plight.  SCARS took me in and paid for my medical treatment and I am now well..woohoo!!  I never have an accident, I do not chew anything up and I love kids and other dogs.  Unfortunately, I cannot be trusted around cats...sorry, I can't seem to help myself.  I am two years old, a Pit Bull/Boxer mix, weigh 60 lbs and am white with a dark gray "cloak" around my back - it looks very dramatic.  Please consider me, I am more than ready to be adopted into my forever home!!!






Adopted*** Toby and Shelby Lynn ***Adopted


When our dear friend passed away, she left two dogs behind who came to live here.  They were clearly grieving and missing their mom.  Today they both went to their next homes and we feel wonderful about this. Toby is with some friends and will have a brother and be a lap dog, which is what he wants!  He is now in a family of dog lovers and they will surely work through any issues that come along.  Shelby Lynn has gone off with a wonderful family with two little girls to love her. When they came here, they did not know about Shelby Lynn but she won all of their hearts with her loving disposition and precious face.  She was wearing her Harley Davidson shirt when she left!!  We just know Verna is looking down and smiling.



Toby and Shelby Lynn are approximately 8 years old.  Shelby is the tan, female, Pomeranian mix and weighs about 17 lbs.  Toby is on the lighter side and is a male, Maltese mix who weighs about 12 lbs. Both are "fixed" and up to date on shots.  Their story is a sad one.  They lived in the country with a loving owner and frolicked endlessly around the yard with chickens and cats, snuggling in bed with mom at night next to a wood stove.  Their mom, our beloved friend of many years, passed away quietly a few weeks ago.  I went over and collected these two little guys who are in need of a new and loving home. They are so sweet and friendly and love everyone.  Although they are 8 years old, this is not old for their breed who often live to be 18!!  We want them to stay together and hope there is someone out there who will adopt them as their own.




Adopted*** Baxter (now known as Buster) ***Adopted


Baxter, aka Buster, was rescued one snowy winter night after he was found wandering up and down a country road.  Neighbors reported having seen him for several days, but no one took action.  Fortunately a kind person finally stepped in, took him home, warmed him up and fed him.  Later, she even took him to a vet and had him neutered and caught up on all of his shots.  Unfortunately, she was unable to keep him and SCARS was contacted.  What followed was a series of odd events, ultimately ending up with Baxter being a client in an accountant's office during tax time (he had not paid up), and then being taken home by a CPA who decided his taxes were not as important as a new home with her dogs!!  Here he is safely tucked away with his new siblings and enjoying the benefits  of his very own home.

The good news is he does not owe the federal or state government any money!!




Adopted*** Sissy ***Adopted


When I got the call that Sissy's owner had moved and felt she could no longer take care of this cute little dog, I agreed to take her.  She was in need of grooming so we were not exactly sure what she looked like!  She had not been spayed, nor had shots recently so we went about correcting all of this and found out.....Sissy is a movie star!!  Wow!  The cutie pie that emerged stole everyone's heart.  Not surprisingly, she was adopted rather quickly and she hit the jackpot. She now has three girls to shower her with hugs and kisses and, as you can tell from the picture, she is right at home!




Adopted*** Holly ***Adopted


We finally hit the jackpot with Holly!!  She has moved to St. Louis and has a Lab/Aussie mix brother.  Holly had a rough time for a while and it seemed like she just could not get a break, but finally her luck began to change.  A woman who knows Aussie's  like the back of her hand, saw this cutie pie and drove all the way from St Louis with her dog to meet Holly.  They got along great and she went on to her new home.  So far all reports are good and we sure want it to stay that way!!




HOLLY is a 2 year old purebred tri-color Australian Shepherd.  She is typical of the breed and wants to "herd" everyone!  Holly weighs about 40-45 lbs, is spayed, up to date on shots, has a bobbed tail, and is close to being housebroken.  She gets along well with other dogs, but we are learning more and more about her as time goes by.  Her owner was simply not interested in having a dog around.  However, we know there is a family out there who will love and appreciate her for the sweetheart she is!






2015 Pages

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