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2013 (March to June)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2013.



2013 Pages

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Adopted*** Quincy***Adopted


When we found Quincy, he was a tiny puppy stuffed in a filthy crate and was lying in his own waste.He was the pup that was so engorged with roundworms, our vet was not sure he would survive all of the treatments. But he did survive, and he grew up to be a beautiful dog.Finally, when we were least expecting it, a family came along who was willing to give this dog a chance.He has a few quirks like attacking the garage door while it is going up and letting off an ear splitting shriek.He gets upset in crates. He wants to be near someone.So far, this family has endured and overcome these things and he is settled happily on the lake with his family.





Quincy is a 6 month old, male, blonde lab mix.He is neutered and had all of his shots.Quincy is not housebroken but he is getting better.He can catch and play with a tennis ball for hours. Quincy loves kids and other dogs and is a happy, playful puppy.He does not like a crate and screams his head off at first and finally settles down.We had solved the problem by letting him sleep with us and some of his buddies, in our bed!!!




Adopted*** Snow (now known as Bella)***Adopted


Snow, now known as Bella, came to us on the back of a flatbed truck.We all watched as this huge truck ambled down our driveway and one lone white dog was on the back.Her name was Snow and she lived in a pen all of her life because, if she got out, she would be immediately impounded on the neighboring reservation.One of our volunteers decided to take her home and "civilize" her in their large house with the white carpets!Bella probably got groomed more often in a couple of months than most dogs do in a lifetime. I feared there would be no hair left (that does take care of a shedding problem.)Along about the time they decided to keep her, a vet student from Kansas State saw her on our website.The "fosters" panicked, but I told them we had fabulous luck with vet students.They are young and have energy, but more importantly, they are dedicated and responsible owners.Well, Bella is off to her new home and don't they look perfect together!!



Snow is a 70 lb, purebred, female Great Pyrenees.She is housebroken and spayed. Snow loves to lie around the house and gets along well with people and other dogs. She was not allowed out of her pen in her last home because she roamed too far. Snow likes to jump up on you so that would have to be worked on but because she is 6-7 yrs old, she is not hyper which is a blessing!






Adopted*** Shelby***Adopted


Shelby had spent her life outside. As a result, she was too thin and tired.She longed for her own family, but the family she had did not choose to allow her inside.They wisely asked us to find a new home for her, which we did.However, she was skittish and avoided people.It took her a long time to warm up to anyone but along came a young man whose mother knew he needed a friend.Shelby loves him and they are best friends as you can see from this picture.This is what rescue is really about and stories like this make it all worthwhile.





Shelby is a 2 year old, female, Golden Retriever mix.She is spayed, weighs 40 lbs, is up to date on shots and close to being housebroken.Shelby's owner has to work an extra job and with four other dogs at home and small children, he felt it only fair for her to find a new home.She is timid and very gentle.Shelby will need a special family who will spoil her and be gentle with her.




Adopted*** Duke (now known as Happy)***Adopted


Duke, now known as Happy has been adopted!Heís getting along well with the other dogs in the family and younger dog is loving all the extra walking she's getting. Duke is now housebroken and picks things up quickly.He learned how to use the dog door the first time he saw one of the girls go through.The first few nights he stayed in his crate in the laundry room, but now his crate is in Mom and Dadís room and he seems to like that better.He still has plenty of energy but does calm down at times.His worst habit is jumping up on things (or us) but I think with time we can teach him better manners.All in all, Duke is doing great!




Adopted*** Chloe***Adopted


It was not without tears that I said goodbye to Chloe.She and her puppies brought unlimited joy to our rescue. She has gone on to her new life and her family already loves her very much.She has a little boy to love and protect and another dog to play with.Chloe was a remarkable dog and a loving mother.Her puppies had movie star looks. I will miss her every day.





Chloe is a beautiful, two year old, female Labrador Retriever mix. We think she might part be Great Pyrenees or Akita, but whatever she is, she is a wonderful dog.Chloe is the proud mother of our litter of pups who were the big December surprise!! Chloe was on her way to a home in Iowa but missed the train when she stopped here for two nights and gave birth the second night.What a joy it has been to have her and her babies here. Her kids are almost all adopted and now it is her turn to have her very own home. She has been spayed, weighs about 50 lbs and is up to date on shots.She appears to be housebroken and is a gentle spirit.





Juno has been accepted by the Blue Moon Akita Rescue in Colorado.Iím sure he will find a great home through them.


Juno's owner has lost his job and his home and Juno needs a permanent place to call her own.As you can see, she is blind.The swollen eye has been removedand she has some sight in the remaining one, but not much.Juno is 3 years old, housebroken and spayed and heartworm negative.She weighs close to 50 lbs.Juno is loving and gentle and gets along well with other dogs.Is there a place in your home and heart to take in this sweet dog?She is part heeler and part Shiba Inu.





Adopted*** Sumo (now known as JD) ***Adopted


Sumo has a new family and a new name. He is now JD...John's dog!His family saw his picture, called us, got in the car and drove all the way from South Dakota!!!Now that is someone who really wants a Schnauzer!

Sumo was sort of deserted and he sure was matted and dirty, but he is a spiffy looking little dude now and I got a call tonight that Sumo/JD is now in South Dakota and slept all the way in the car!





Sumo first of all needs a new name!!Anyway, his owner was an elderly woman who moved into assisted living and left him with family who could not keep him. He is housebroken, neutered, up to date on shots, gentle, quiet and loves kids! Sumo is around 5 years old so his wild puppy years are behind him.He is truly the perfect companion.He is a registered Schnauzer but the family cannot find his papers!







2013 Pages

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