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2007 (Mar – May)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2007.



2007 Pages

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Adopted*** Buddy ***Adopted


Buddy has been adopted by a great family.  They recently wrote, “Buddy is so much fun, he fetches the ball outside until he gets to tired to stand up.  He also knows how to catch a Frisbee and catches a ball in his mouth.  Buddy also enjoys being in the car every time me and or my family go for a drive.  He is currently sleeping in my daughters bed at night.  He has not ever went to the bathroom in the house so far.  Thanks so much for saving him for us!”


Buddy is a 3 year old, male Labrador Retriever mix. He is neutered, up to date on all shots, heartworm negative, housebroken and a real jewel. Buddy plays like a puppy but sits on command, settles down and is quiet in the house. He showed up at someone's house, hungry and thin. SCARS has paid for all of his medical care and he is ready for his own family.










Adopted*** Gordy ***Adopted



Gordy has been adopted by a wonderful family with three children - he will be very spoiled. Those terrible days of being on a chain are over. They have seen his scars and love him anyway.  He is wonderful with the kids and, as you can see in his picture, is going to be giving lots of kisses!





“Mommy, he has whiskers just like Daddy!”


Gordy is a male, cream dilute Shar-pei. He was found running loose and scared in a parking lot and picked up by a kind soul. SCARS has paid for his medical care which included an antibiotic for his skin rash, neutering, heartworm test (he is negative) and rabies shot. He is gentle and sweet, but we don’t yet know if he is housebroken. Gordy bears a permanent scar from a chain on his neck but it is healed and he will never be subjected to that again.






Adopted*** Quigley ***Adopted


Quigley is now in his new home where he has "nieces and nephews" and two parents to spoil him rotten. He is also enjoying life in the country and discovering all the new smells. We know he will be very happy!!


Quigley is a 6 month old, neutered, male Shih Tzu. He is pedigreed, with papers.  Quigley loves all people, as well as other animals. His owners have been unable to housebreak him successfully so he is "training" right now (and learning quickly)! Other than this issue, he is a wonderful dog and anxious to be a member of someone's family.  Call us if you’re interested in adopting Quigley.






Adopted*** Mike ***Adopted


Mike has been adopted by a couple in the country who have three other female dogs. They have been waiting for a boy so there would be two male votes in the family. Mike has become quite spoiled and is having a ball with his three canine sisters! We here at SCARS miss the little guy, but are so happy he has a forever home.



Mike is a precious, 8 month old, Blue Heeler mix of about 35 lbs. He is neutered and was found as a stray in the country. The neighbors were all feeding him but he had no home so brought him to SCARS and now he is having a ball running with all of the other dogs. Mike is friendly and playful and loves everyone.




Adopted*** Star ***Adopted


Star now has a doggie sister and two human brothers. She has a doggie door to run out into a big yard and will have lots of attention in her new family. We miss Star but know she will be really, really happy.





Star is a gorgeous purebred Siberian Husky with one blue and one brown eye.  She is 6 months old, spayed, and housebroken. She gets along well with other dogs and people and has a lively, fun personality. Star was found running in and out of traffic on a cold, windy day and was rescued by a passer by. No one ever claimed her so she is looking for a new home and a family to watch over her.





Adopted*** Cookie ***Adopted




Cookie is going to a new home where she will have a boxer as a buddy, and three kids to play with. Her human "dad" is serving in Iraq so he will return to a bigger family than he left. Cookie really needed her very own family and as much as we miss her, we wish her tons of happiness in her new life.



Baby is now called Cookie...she is a 6 mo old shorthaired female mix of some sort. Cookie is spayed, housebroken and loves kids and other dogs. She has a quiet, gentle personality and yet she is playful and fun. She likes to curl up on the sofa and watch TV or run outside with the other dogs.

This cutie pie has a loving, sweet personality. She is up to date on shots. Baby is going to make some family a wonderful pet!!  Call us if your interested




        Cookie as a pup…






2007 Pages

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