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Our Adopted Friends

2004 (Mar – Jul)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.




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Adopted*** DAKOTA ***Adopted


Dakota is a neutered, male German Shepherd. He is housebroken and all his shots are current. He can be protective and is questionable around little kids.  However, he is very loving to his owner and master.  He also does a few tricks.... sit, shake, roll, and lay down.  Is Dakota the right dog for you??


Dakota has been adopted by a wonderful man and his wife who live in Montana on three acres. Dakota will have plenty of exercise and a buddy who is an Irish Setter.






Adopted*** TILLY ***Adopted


Tilly has been adopted and is going to the country with a Dalmatian as a pal. Tilly will also be going through training to be a therapy dog. We know she will have a great life!!



Tilly is a one year old, female, Black Labrador Retriever. She is spayed, has a great disposition, and, sadly, spent the first year of her life in a pen. Tilly needs to find a home where she can be a real member of a family and have lots of room to exercise. She is just a wonderful dog!!









Adopted*** TANGO ***Adopted



Tango was adopted as a man's partner in the K9 Unit. He has gone to his new home in South Carolina with his new owner, wife and kids. We are so happy for him!!



Tango is a male, two year old, neutered and housebroken, German Shepherd mix. He is well behaved in the house, and good with kids and other animals.  His present owner is older and can’t keep up with such an exuberant boy.  Can you give Tango a good home?  His doghouse and kennel will go with him.





Adopted*** JACKSON ***Adopted


Jackson has been adopted – more information to follow.



Jackson is a 4 year old, male, American Eskimo/Spitz mix.  He is neutered, housebroken, and very calm and would make a great companion.  Jackson is a very pretty boy looking for someone to love.  Wouldn’t he be perfect for you?









Adopted*** DROOPY ***Adopted


Droopy is an 8 year old male, neutered boxer.  He is neutered and needs good home with someone who stays with him a good deal of the time. He’s a quiet boy and a great companion. Droopy is also a bit of a couch potato, as well!


Drropy has been adopted and is living with his new family.  More info coming….












We have three 6 month old German shepherd mix puppies available for adoption ASAP.  They are either neutered or spayed and just a bundle of fun and energy – just perfect for a young family!


All three of the puppies have been adopted and are now living with their new owners. 







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