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2015 (February)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Abby ***Adopted


Abby has had more applications that almost any dogs we have ever had at SCARS!!  She is a beauty, for sure, but had her issues when she arrived.  Having been in a dirt pen for most of her life, she developed some bad habits.  She would not "go" on a leash, had accidents in the house, had separation anxiety and a variety of problems associated with social deprivation.  The good news is after coming here to SCARS and having tons of exercise and doggie friends to play with, her beautiful personality emerged.  Her new owner is a very proud person and had all of her needs taken care of before she even got to his house.  She has her own Kuranda bed, lots of toys, special food and a thunder shirt in case she got scared.  According

to her new dad, she and he are working through the housetraining and his patience is greatly appreciated.  When you get endless phone calls like I do asking about dogs "will it have an accident, does it shed, does it bark, and on and on," one truly appreciates the owner who is willing to work through the initial adjustment and rejoice in a faithful and loving companion in time.



Abby is a one year old, purebred, German Shepherd.  She is spayed, housebroken, weighs about 90 lbs, and gets along great with kids, other dogs and cats.  By the way, she does not chase chickens either!! (she needs to talk to Walter).  Abby was an inside dog until "the divorce" and then she was relegated to an outside pen. She misses her family who had two kids and she is ready to start again! Abby is high energy which will get better on our 50 acres although she tends to be submissive.  She is a movie star and will make someone a fabulous companion!!






Adopted*** Biggs ***Adopted


So happy to report we found a great home for the cute little 12 lb Jack Russell Terrier, Biggs! I knew he wouldn't be hard to place, but we needed just the right situation since his owner had to keep him in a crate for a long time while she worked. We wanted him to be with someone who was home alot, and he sure hit the jackpot. Dad is retired (mom still works) and spends all day and night with him! I enjoyed my visit and could see how well these two have bonded.



Adopted*** Sampson ***Adopted


Sampson is a purebred Australian Shepherd who is about a year old.  He has one blue eye and one brown and is absolutely adorable.  He was with an owner who had no time for him and had him in a crate far too long.  The good news is I was able to hook him up with a wonderful couple who adopted two dogs from us twelve years ago and their house seemed empty without a dog since theirs passed away.  He is now safely tucked in him new home and we are so happy for him!!




Adopted*** Teddy and Bear ***Adopted


I think we broke all records on applications on these two cuties.  Back and forth, back and forth.  We had apps from one end of this country to another but could not manage the transportation to either Oregon or Massachusetts.  Forget the mess with Wisconsin....then there was the consideration of separating them and that almost happened.  In the end, they got to stay together....yippee!!!  Their new mom used to show Belgian Tervuren Shepherds and feels they are primarily this breed.  So, off they went and the news is great.  She says they are the best little guys in the world!!





Teddy and Bear are male, Belgian Shepherd/Keeshond mix puppies.  They are approximately 4-5 months old and now weigh 21 lbs.  Obviously, they will get bigger - how big, we do not know.  They were found together as strays in a neighboring county and couldn't be cuter.  They have had all of their puppy shots, been wormed will be neutered as soon as the vet gives us the go ahead.  Like all pups, they are playful and have a great appetite and love everyone!!!






Adopted*** Molly ***Adopted


Just when we had given up hope on anyone having enough patience to deal with Molly and her "energizer bunny" personality, a miracle happened!  A wonderful couple came to look at Molly and fell in love with her.  She is adorable, we admit with her blue eye and fluffy coat, but she has some traits that are annoying.

This great couple felt they could deal with her and had the right environment for her...lots of room in the country.  So far, so good...they are working on making her a great pet.  Thanks to people like this!






You know that song, "Back in the Saddle Again?"  Well, my song is "Back on the website again!"  It seems now that my foster mom is back to work, I need more attention.  I am housebroken, gentle with dogs and cats, spayed, and have beautiful topaz eyes.  I am a 2-3 year old, female Poodle and something-bigger-than-poodle mix and weigh about 50 lbs.  However, I do not like being left alone for hours on end and get into trouble.  If I have a big yard to play in, and friends either human or canine to play with, I am fine.  I do not shed which is a real plus and I am anxious to please!!!  Please consider me for your very own!





Adopted*** Rusty ***Adopted


When Rusty came here he was a sad little dog.  He had lost an eye and was thin.  A young girl paid for his neutering and eye surgery in a vet clinic in another town, but he never got adopted.  She called us and we brought him here.  He had to have his eye operated on again and treated for parasites.  In time he gained weight and became socialized with the other dogs.  I worried no one would want him because of his handicap, but a wonderful family fell in love with him and took him home.  Now all reports are glowing...he has his pal who is an older blonde lab and he sleeps on the sofa with his toys!!!





Rusty is a neutered, eight month old Labrador Retriever mix. He weighs 52 lbs and is a lively, happy puppy.  We received a call from a vet clinic that Rusty had arrived with an eye injury, and they did not know what had happened.  His eye was removed and he waited for someone to adopt him for two and a half months....no one wanted him.  BUT we want him here at SCARS!!!  He is having a ball running and playing with the other dogs and will make someone a fabulous and loving companion!







Adopted*** Tater ***Adopted


Tater was adopted before she landed on our website!  She is a purebred, spayed and housebroken, Boxer whose family went their separate ways leaving her homeless.  When she arrived at SCARS she was most upset and was lonely for her family.  I knew she needed to get started with a new family soon and once the word spread, several people voiced an interest in her.  One family drove from KC here the same day they saw her picture and took her home on a trial basis.  When I asked how she was doing, they said "We are keeping her!!" This is great news and we are so happy to have been part of her rescue.





2015 Pages

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