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2019 (January and February)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Valentine (formerly known as Violet) ** Adopted


Violet was a name that just did not seem to fit, and since she came to us over Valentine's Day, we renamed her.  She was very sought after so it took some work to find the perfect home since we had some wonderful choices.  She has gone off to a family in the country with two other dogs and a little girl to love her. We feel she has found the right home and look forward to upcoming news!










Violet is a gorgeous 8 month old retriever, and possibly Brittany Spaniel mix.  She has a glossy, wavy coat, weighs about 40 lbs, is up to date on all of her shots, and has been spayed. She was found roaming in a pasture with her sibling (see above) who looks just like her but is black.  The vet is not sure of the breed, but flat coated retriever is a good guess. Violet is so gentle and loving and definitely needs another dog to play with.








Adopted *** Jethro (now known as Bishop) ** Adopted


Jethro was with Angie and Sasha (see next page) when his parents moved into assisted living.  He is a gorgeous miniature Sheltie and was in need of a new home...soon!  Along came some relatives of people who have adopted from us and they just loved him at first sight. His new name is Bishop and he is doing great!!



Adopted *** Pepe (now known as Pedro) ** Adopted


Pepe, after many applications, has gone off to his new home.  His owner is a student at KU and will be keeping him as her forever dog.  She grew up with dogs and is sensible and knowledgeable and has the right instincts.  So far he is sleeping in bed with her and is excited when she returns.  He will be joining up with his new roommate, Jasper, in a few weeks!







Pepe is a one year old, neutered, male Wire Haired Chihuahua.  He weighs almost 10 lbs and is partially housebroken.  He is gentle, does not bark and gets along with all animals and people.  Pepe was found in a field and was never claimed, so we are so happy he came here as we all love him.  He will make the perfect companion/lap dog.







Adopted *** Tonka ** Adopted


There are no words to describe the day I first saw this dog sitting, near death, in a truck.  He was rushed to the vet where I was told he was hours from death and they could not guarantee he would live.  Days of intensive care, IV fluids at the emergency vet followed by weeks of monitoring and today he is alive and well....and adopted.  Tonka is now his name, and he is living a wonderful life and adored by his owner. He is a miracle.










Adopted *** Lacy ** Adopted


Lacy is a darling purebred Boxer who spent her life living in a garage.  Yes, it was warm and she had plenty of food and her owners came to visit her every day, but she was lonely.  Finally after much going back and forth, they relinquished her to us.  Of course, she was very popular and everyone wanted her so I had to choose what I felt was the perfect home....a big yard and another dog to play with.  I think we made a good decision and Lacy is settled in nicely in her new home and loves the attention!










Adopted *** Samantha ** Adopted


Samantha arrived on a farm in Wichita and no one claimed her.  The couple fed and cared for her, but could not keep her.  So she came here and began her busy life digging up the 50 acres looking for critters.  When we heard a screech, we knew she had scored.  So, we were not sure she would be able to be domesticated and settle into life in town.  But, we were wrong!  A wonderful couple came along who had lost their beagle and their other dogs was sad and lonely.  Samantha has surprised us all....she is good as gold and has learned to ring a bell when she needs to go outside.  Most importantly, she has filled the void left by the dog who passed and Riley has a new friend!  Do you love these pictures???


Samantha is an 8 month old hound dog...maybe coonhound?  She only weighs 40 lbs and is spayed and mostly housebroken.  Samantha wandered onto a farm in Wichita and hung around.  The couple loved her but could not keep her and called us.  She was very thin when they found her, but she is fattening up now.  Scout loves to play and is a total goofball.  She shows no aggression to a person or animal at any time.  Hounds actually make wonderful family pets because of their easy going disposition and loving nature.  One cannot help but love this little gal.





Adopted *** Juno ** Adopted


I have never met Juno, but I found her a home!!  The owners called me and asked if we could help find her a new home as they did not have time for her.  I spent a lot of time on the phone and computer and finally one of the homes worked out great.  I have not received a picture yet so here is this adorable dog who now has a blonde lab brother her age!



Adopted *** Zoey ** Adopted


Zoey came with her buddy, Norman (see below), and was starving.  She had lost most of her body hair from fleas, and was heartworm positive.  Zoey was older which made her harder to adopt and she was returned once for chasing their cats!  However, the right family came along with children and another dog to be her friend.  Although she has been sad and lonely since being separated from Norman, she is adjusting  nicely and settling in.









Zoey is a 6 year old spayed Labrador retriever.  She weighs about 75 lbs and is gentle and housebroken.  Zoey would be the perfect dog for a retired couple as she is quiet and well behaved - only wants to be petted and walked and hang out with her people













Adopted *** Norman ** Adopted


Norman came us in bad shape.  He is a beautiful purebred Irish Setter but was starving and heartworm positive.  Here at SCARS we began his treatment and put ten pounds on him for starters!!  Of course, everyone wanted him but the right person called and said all of the right things.  His new owner lives in Delaware near the ocean and has always had setters.  He said he would drive to pick him up and he did!  Norman is now an Easterner and spoiled and loved.  The pictures are great and we thank this family for making the trip and helping him be a part of his new life.



Norman is a two year old purebred Irish setter.  He came to us severely underweight and heartworm positive. However, he has gained ten pounds, now weighs about 45 lbs, and is feeling great.  He is being treated for HW and it does not slow him down one bit.  Norman is housebroken and loves kids and other dogs. He is healthy and strong and really gorgeous.






Adopted *** Boomer ** Adopted


I really did not think we would ever find a home for this dog!  He was such a mess...he jumped and twirled and tried to bite everyone.  He was going to be "put down" at a nearby shelter.  They called and asked if we could take him so we did.  He went to one home and the mom loved him, but the two children decided he had to go and mom obeyed. Such a shame...anyway, an unlikely owner came along and I thought it could never work, but this gal has defied the odds.  She has worked through his issues miraculously.  I know there were times she wanted to give up, but the Goober, as she calls him, kept winning her heart.  Thank you from the bottom of ours!





Boomer is a year old mix of some sort!  He appears to be a Lab, maybe English Setter.  He is a male, neutered, and housebroken.  Boomer is great with kids and other dogs, BUT seems leery of men at first.  He will bark and act very scary, but is fine once he gets to know them.  He is great with women!  Boomer is about 70 lbs and very strong.  Anyone who adopts him will have to exercise him and be able to control him on a leash.  I use a harness which seems to work fine.  He was in city shelter and not doing well so we moved him here so he could exercise. Boomer needs more socialization, but is really beautiful and will make someone a fabulous companion.





Adopted *** Echo ** Adopted


As you may recall, we got three purebred Jack Russell Terrier pups four years ago. They were adopted fast and had wonderful homes, but one of them has decided she no longer likes her canine sibling and has become very disagreeable.  Therefore, she has been adopted to a new home where she is an only child and the center of attention. Echo is very happy and very loved.



Adopted *** Sammy ** Adopted


Sammy has had a rough time, but we think he has finally gotten to the right home. He was in the country, but cooped up due to his hyperactivity.  One day a visitor intruded on his territory and he bit him in the foot.  Not bad, but they called the cops and he was carted off to doggie jail.  After his ten day quarantine, we were able to find a great home for him in the country, but as an inside pet also!!




Adopted *** Clementine ** Adopted


Clemmie has been adopted to a family with two other dogs and has a huge fenced back yard. She has two college age human siblings to love her and is fitting in nicely in her new home.



Clementine, or "Clemmie," as she is affectionately called is a 5 month old Hound Dog/(maybe)Dachshund mix of some sort.  She is growing and now weighs about 38 lbs, is spayed and up to date on shots.  Clemmie is almost  housebroken ( I can hear the calls now.."what does almost mean??”} To me it means she only has an occasional accident.  So, with that being said, she loves everyone and is playful and fun.  She is a bit of a weenie (no pun intended) in that she squeaks and runs if her toe gets stepped on.  She is in a word, precious.







2019 Pages

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