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2018 (January to March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Herbie ** Adopted


Herbie did not resemble a dog in any way when he came to us.  He was so heavily matted we could not even see his face.  He was encased in a body cast made of hair.  It took several hours to cut the worst off, and another hour and half with a professional groomer.  What surfaced was a darling, sweet little Shih Tzu male pup.  He has gone from rags to riches and is now in the hands of a wonderful, loving family. He even has a brother who is his same age and size!




Adopted *** Code ** Adopted


Code is a chocolate Lab who was not getting along with the other house dog.  The owners contacted me to help find him a home, and several options fell through.  Then came the phone call I knew would work!  Now he is happily settled in his new home and a spoiled only child.



Adopted *** Kringle ** Adopted


Kringle has been, and will continue to be a challenge.  The great news is her new parents are dog smart and patient.  They are working through some of his weird habits like being terrified of balls and certain toys, getting hyper and then collapsing in exhaustion.  We loved him so much but he was not happy here...too much stimulation.  So now he is spending his days with two college professors and listening to classical music.  It sounds so wonderful, doesnt it?




Kringle is a three year old Australian Shepherd with perhaps some collie mixed in. He is neutered, weighs around 45 lbs, housebroken, good with dogs and we do not know about cats.  Kringle is timid and will do best as an only dog or with one other. He tends to get nervous with too much activity and prefers older , quieter children.  He will "herd" a dog bowl around the room which may be somewhat of a novelty for some people.  He does not jump fences, does not need to be crated as he is not destructive when left alone in the house.  Isn't he gorgeous??







Adopted *** Luna ** Adopted


Luna is another white American Bulldog who was taken in by our foster who loves this.  Luna's family was going to be evicted for having a bully breed in their trailer, so we took her in.  She is pictured here with our wonderful foster mom because it’s such a great picture!  But she is safely home with her new dad and doing great.





Adopted *** Jojo ** Adopted


As you may remember, Jojo came to us with severe mange.  She looked more like an armadillo than a dog.  It was a tough few months, but in time she healed and her coat became glossy and black.  One of my former teaching colleagues reached out to this poor dog and she and her family have made her a part of their family. They have had some rough spots, but they love her and she sure loves them and her lab buddy!!



Adopted *** Snow ** Adopted


Snow was in city shelter because she had been attacked by some dogs.  She was torn up and needed surgery and no one wanted her.  One of our wonderful fosters took her in and got her healed up, and then we had her spayed.  In time, she was adopted by two friends of ours and could not have a more wonderful home!!



Adopted *** Bandit ** Adopted


Bandit's owner no longer wanted him, so a man who works here plopped him in his car and brought him to work at SCARS one day!  We got him to the vet and "taken care of" and he turned into a wonderful companion. The right family came along who had lost their dog and needed a friend to fill in the lonely days!  Bandit loved them and all reports are good!!







Bandit is a one year old Rat Terrier mix weighing about 12 lbs.  He is neutered and up to date on shots, almost housebroken, loves all other dogs and has not been around cats!!  He is going to make a fabulous companion to some lucky family or person!!











Adopted *** Jasper ** Adopted


One of the young women who worked for us all summer had to return to college, but she really wanted to take Jasper with her as a foster.  Instead of that, she started working on her aunt and uncle who were looking for a dog...maybe?? She dragged them over here and lo and behold, Jasper ran up to them saying "Take me home with you...it is crazy here!!"  This decision was made quickly, and off he trotted with his new family.  We get constant reports on how wonderful he is and how happy they are with their new family member...hurray!! As you can see, he is settled in comfortably!!




Jasper is a year old  male, neutered, mix…and after careful consideration, viewing pictures, watching him move and run, it appears Jasper is a probably a Foxhound mix of some sort. He has the long nose of an American Bull Terrier (Target dog) and the rest of him yells out, "I am a Foxhound!!"  He has the amiable personality of the Foxhound, weighs about 40 lbs, likes people and loves to poke around in the high grass with his tail sticking up.  Jasper had one day to live when we pulled him and we are so glad we did!






Adopted *** Baby ** Adopted


The day a couple came to look at Juniper and Benny became our BORDER COLLIE day!!  They wanted only one dog and we agreed that the female got scared when we put the male outside so she could have a meet and greet.  The couple said it would be too hard on them to be separated, but they only wanted one dog....a female border collie.  SO!!!  I told them my neighbor had a female BC and did not want her because he had a farm and goats and she was a huge failure at being a herding dog.  Off we went in the car to meet her and it was love at first sight.  The couple adored her and she loved them in return.  I am told the transition from being only and outside dog has gone quite well and she prefers lying on the sofa and has had zero accidents.  It was later that day our family came who adopted the two border collies at our house together.  So, we were feeling somewhat magical that day!




Adopted *** Juniper and Benny ** Adopted



We got a call one hot summer day from a man on a tractor that two border collies were dumped in a field.  We went over and realized the mom had just had pups, but they were nowhere to be found.  The neighbors and I searched for hours and never found the pups.  I advertised for days and drove for miles trying to find the owners, but nothing.  Finally we gave up and put them up for adoption after having them fixed.  I began fearing they would never be adopted because they were a bonded pair, but finally the right family came along and  they are now safely tucked in with two darling children.  We could not be happier.


These two gorgeous purebred Border Collies showed up in a field one day and no one ever claimed them.  In fact, we made so many efforts to find the owners, we decided they must have moved to a foreign country!  So they came to SCARS and here is what we know.  The female, Juniper, has recently had a litter of pups but we have no clue as to their whereabouts. The male, Benny, is probably the dad.  She is quiet and loving and would make a perfect house dog.  He is lively, but not hyper, and would be great as an inside/outside dog. They do not necessarily have to go together but if they do not, we will make sure they leave for their respective homes at the same time.  They are both neutered, working on getting housebroken, have all their shots and are good with kids and other dogs.  They weigh about 40 lbs and are very muscular. Aren't they precious??





2018 Pages

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