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2017 (January and February)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2017 Pages

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Adopted*** Scooby  **Adopted


I really did not think Scooby would ever leave SCARS due to a variety of odd behavior. He liked to jump out of windows, spring upside down on the roof of the kennel and chase other dogs around biting their noses.  In addition, he had separation anxiety so put all of that together and it equals "unadoptable."  BUT, a family came along determined to work with him because their teenage granddaughter adored him!  I keep waiting for the phone to ring, but so far he is doing great!!!






Scooby is a one year old, male German Shepherd mix.  He is neutered and great with dogs and kids weighing in at around 60 lbs!  He was at a local shelter and not doing well....too much energy and guarded his food.  How can you not love this face? He is so sweet and anxious to please, but sort of goofy so he fits his name.  He can jump a 6 foot fence easily!  He does not like to be crated but seems to be ok loose in the house.  He would do best with another dog as a friend or kids to be with. I would not recommend him for a family who is gone all day.




Adopted*** Frankie  **Adopted


Frankie has gone off to a great new home where he has a cat to play with, and gets to go see his owner’s  horse every day and play in the barn.  Frankie turned out to be quite the social butterfly after he got acclimated at SCARS and I could not keep up with the applications.  I have found anything with corgi in it is quite popular!!







Frankie is a neutered, nine pound, eight month old, male Corgi/Chihuahua mix. He is so much fun!!  He is playful but absolutely no nipping or yipping which is a wonderful combination.  He loves people and other dogs and deserves the absolute best home ever.  We do not yet know for sure if he is housebroken, but he is up to date on shots and ready for his brand new home!!







Adopted*** Shepherd Mix Pups  **Adopted


When I posted Ben and Beatrice as the last of the eleven pups left to be adopted, two were still here but spoken for.  Here is one in her new home.  We called her Juno but her new name is Scout (makes and English teacher very happy...."To Kill A Mockingbird!")  Her new family took her home twice to acclimate her before her final adoption which worked out really well.  She is the sweetest dog and we just know she will have a wonderful life ahead of her.




And then there were three!!!  Mama had her eleven pups here and one more went home this week!  Buck, a sweet tan male, headed to his new home with his sister who also came from SCARS! I n fact, this same family adopted a dog from us about 12 years ago who recently passed away.  They adopted Taylor a few months ago and added Buck to their family this week. All reports are he is doing great.





This pup is on his way home! Mama was a neglect case and her former puppies died, but we promised her this litter would live.  Wow!  We had no idea she would deliver eleven pups, all of whom are happy and healthy.  This adorable tan male is one of four to go home, and here he is with his new parents!








We are anxiously waiting for the naming of puppy #2 who went off to her new home. As you can see, this little brindle girl is snuggled comfortably in her new home. She was a surprise to the little girl who was waiting patiently for the puppy she had chosen to be ready for adoption. This is what we want for all of our dogs...









Fiona is one of the eleven pups who surprised us last Thanksgiving!  Her mom was the dog we fought to rescue with the tumor and it has since been removed and she is doing great.  We still have two left, but Fiona has a doggie brother who is a graduate of SCARS also. Remember Blaze? Well, he is her brother and she has a big human family to lover her also.










We have eleven beautiful puppies who will be up for adoption around January 18th.  They will be spayed/neutered and will have had their first round of puppy shots. Mom is a cross between a Staffie and, maybe Basenji, and dad is a purebred German Shepherd.  The mom is gentle and loving and just about as sweet as she can be. The pups are much like mom, laid back and gentle and PLUMP!!! There are five tan boys and six brindle females!!!








Adopted*** JJ  **Adopted


JJ had a rough start.  First he was taken to a large city shelter, then he was adopted by a hoarder.  He was flea infested and dehydrated when he ended up with a foster for us, and began his road to recovery.  Once he settled in, was cleaned up and fed regularly, JJ became everyone's favorite.  When a couple came along and met him, their thoughts were "Why do they have our dog here....we want him!!"  So far, all is well in his world and he is once again on the road to happiness.





JJ is a Cairn Terrier of about 25 lbs.  He is neutered and almost housebroken.  He is confusing.  At one family he was not good with the kids, and with another he was fine.  He is good with adults and plays great with other dogs.  JJ is so adorable, he will be great for the right family.











Adopted*** Sam(2) **Adopted


Sam and his friend were found wandering on a dirt road in the country and all attempts to find the owner failed.  It finally looks like they were dumped near our house on purpose. Sam immediately stole everyone's heart as he is a loving, sweet black lab.  We got him fixed and up to date on shots with the help of a great organization who will remain nameless!!  A couple came out to look at dogs and fell in love with this boy.  They adopted him and I flew out of town BUT upon return I was told they adore him, and he is doing great!






Adopted*** Sam(1) **Adopted


Sam was in a home where he was being neglected.  A kind friend intervened and tried to find him a home.  However, she ended up contacting us and we took him in.  I wish all dogs were as perfect as Sam.  He loves everyone, gets along well with cats and kids, and is a registered boxer.  The minute the word got out, the phone started ringing.  We feel Sam is now settled in comfortably in his new home and he has another boxer as a buddy.










Sam is a purebred, registered 4 1/2 year old boxer.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and gets along great with other dogs, cats and people of all ages.  In a word, Sam is PERFECT!!!!  He has that adorable boxer face with the sad eyes and we find him to be irresistible.  He weighs about 60 lbs and we are working on putting more weight on him.  Whomever ends up adopting this gem will have the best companion in the world.






Adopted*** Molly **Adopted



I was called by the local vet regarding a beautiful hound, either coonhound or foxhound, that had been picked up by AC but not claimed by the owner.  Knowing hounds are hard to place, we began socializing her here.  Molly turned out to be too good to be true.  She loved playing outside, playing with the other dogs and then racing in the house and zonking out on the couch.  Molly was a couch potato in disguise.  When her new family decided to try her out, we held our breath knowing hounds can be a problem.  But, two weeks later they have officially made Molly a member of their family.  She shares her home with an aging dachshund, a one year old human toddler and a human brother (pictured here) Although we have received many adorable pictures, this one is a favorite.




Molly is a gorgeous, 50 lb, female Foxhound.  She is spayed, heartworm negative, up to date on shots, and housebroken. We have debated as to whether or not she is a Coonhound or Foxhound.  We sent her pictures to a Foxhound expert, and she feels she is probably a Foxhound but both Coonhounds and Foxhounds are descended from treeing Walker Coonhounds. She does not exhibit the typical traits of a Coonhound....no trying to get up into trees, no running off with nose to the ground, no howling.  Molly just wants to be with her people which is fine with us!








Adopted*** Cotton (now known as Luca) **Adopted



Cotton's story began a year ago when he was born deaf. Sadly, he was the victim of inbreeding and hoarding.  Through a series of miracles, he came to SCARS and was fostered and loved.  Slowly he came out of his shell, although it took months. We wondered if anyone would be strong and patient enough to adopt him with his deafness.  Of course, you all know where I am going with this tale.


Let me rewind to last year, a hot summer day, when I went to a mobile home park to rescue a year old puppy who was being thrown out because "Dad" didn't like dogs.  I remember driving up, seeing a malevolent look on the father's face as he glared from the porch while the children played with the dog, still chained.  They took her off the chain and brought her to me, and I bundled her into the car, said goodbye to the sad children, and marveled at how beautiful she was.  A while ago, as a result of posting of a different dog on the website, a woman called who was interested in adopting, came over, and fell in love.  This same woman would fall in love again a year or so later...she just did not know it at the time.


Christmas brings out different things in different people.  It was determined that Bailey was ready for a friend.  Mom saw Cotton's picture and wondered...could she take on the responsibility of a handicapped dog?  So, do you want to know what happened??  Here is the rest of the story, written by "mom" herself about her two fluffy kids, Bailey and Cotton..>>>>>>>>>>


“My dog Bailey and I had decided it was time to add a new dog to our household.  Bailey came to me over a year ago through SCARS Rescue so I decided to check with them again to see what dogs might be available. Through a picture on the website I saw adorable Cotton.  I read his story and about his challenge with deafness and decided he could be the one.  When I went to meet him at his foster home it was love at first sight, so I made arrangements for him to come spend the long weekend with Bailey and me to make sure they got along well and was a good fit.  The first 24 hours was a little rough.  Learning a new place for him, and how to communicate when he couldn’t hear us was a challenge, then suddenly it was like a light switched and things started getting smoother, he figured out what outdoors was for, and settled down nicely when I placed him in his kennel.  We quickly decided this match was going to work and Cotton has found his forever home, we have renamed him Luca (Italian for “bearer of the light”).  I’ve read a lot the last few days about deafness in dogs, especially through poor breeding decisions, many of these dogs struggle to find good homes, but it seems once they do they are cherished as wonderful, bright and adaptable pets.  I am very happy to have the opportunity to provide a safe loving home for Luca.”




Cotton is a year old, purebred, male Australian Shepherd.  He is neutered and, for the most part, housebroken and weighs about 25 lbs.  However, Cotton is deaf.  He is a wonderful, playful, companion and loves people and other dogs. However, the fact he is deaf will prohibit him from getting a chance at many homes.  Deaf dogs can adjust beautifully and have a full life.  They can learn many signals from their owners and it is a joy to watch them thrive.  Would you consider this little guy for your home?






Adopted*** Lily (now known as Grace) **Adopted



Lily was rescued just in time.  She was from a large litter, all of whom were fine except Lily.  She was born without a right front paw.  The owners were going to put her down because they thought no one wanted her.  Our friend called me and asked if we would save her, and of course, you know what we said.  We found Lily to be one of the most adorable dogs we ever had and she is totally unaware of her malady.  One of my former students and his wife and two children came to visit our shepherd pups and met Lily...it was love at first sight.  She is in her new home and her name is now Grace, which fits her perfectly.  Thank you to this wonderful family....we are so happy for her!!!





Adopted*** Boo  **Adopted


Boo came to us starving and lost.  She was a tiny pup, covered in fleas, and was in bad shape over all.  SCARS took care of her medical needs and she went to one of our fosters where she thrived and gained weight.  A family called looking for a small female dog...woohoo.  They came to meet Boo and adopted her. The grapevine tells us Boo is one happy pup!









2017 Pages

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