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2016 (January to March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2016 Pages

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Adopted*** Rhonda (now known as Alix) ***Adopted


Rhonda is now Alix and her canine sister is KC....named after the Royals!!  The news from the front is all good.  They play together and love chasing the neighbor dog up and down the fence.  They sleep on the bed with their new mom, and grandparents are next door, available to dogsit.  Wow....we are so darn happy here!





Rhonda is a one year old, female Basenji mix.  She weighs about 40 lbs and is housebroken and spayed. Rhonda is good with kids and great with other dogs.  She does not like to be left alone all day in the house when her people are at work, so she needs a friend.  Preferably, she would do well with a family who is around often during the day.  Rhonda’s coat is a gorgeous red color with a curly tail. She was "out of time" in a neighboring county so we took her in and are so glad we did!!





Adopted*** Emmy ***Adopted


Emmy showed up in our driveway with the owners.  She  had been turned down by a local shelter and forced to leave her home because she did not get along with her German Shepherd brothers.  However, she loved everyone here and got along great with 40+ dogs, so we’re not sure what that was about.  Emmy had nowhere to go, so we took her in and are so glad we did.  She became my favorite photo shoot gal because of her adorable, perked ears. The perfect family from KC came along and she is doing great!!


Emmy is a three year old, female, Corgi/Shepherd mix weighing about 35 lbs. Emmy came from a home with four children and two large dogs.  They were not able to keep her so here she is at SCARS.  Emmy is housebroken (I am told!) and soon to be spayed.  She is a real sweetie and loves cuddling at night in bed.  Emmy is cute and she knows it....she will make a great companion!






Adopted*** Shadow ***Adopted


Shadow has gone off to Wichita to his new home on 60 acres!  He has a chocolate lab sister named Daisy and two parents to take good care of him.  Shadow is such a wonderful dog and we are thrilled this family chose him.  So far, all of the news is good...good....good!!







Shadow is a one year old, male, black Lab/Patterdale terrier mix.  He is housebroken and neutered and weighs about 40 lbs.  Shadow will always be small, but he has lots of energy and has lived with cats, other dogs and small children.  He loves to play catch and will carry his toy around all day!  Shadow needs an active family and one who is not gone all day.  He has wonderful, fun disposition and will be a great addition to any family!!


Update 01/22/16:

He is the perfect dog. He’s housebroken, well behaved, neutered, only 35 lbs and loves everyone!  Shadow plays and plays, but when he is done, he curls up on the bed and we never hear a peep out of him!





Adopted*** Blaze (now known as Koda) ***Adopted


Blaze has been formally adopted and is now Koda!!  He has two teenagers to play with and love, two cats to tolerate, a fellow canine, and a loving mom.  Koda also has a big yard and lots of squirrels to chase and birds to shoo away.  We were worried he would never find the right home, but luck is on his side and it appears he is now a permanent member of this wonderful family.





Blaze is a 7 month old, male, Retriever/Lab mix.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, and the jury is still out on whether he is housebroken or not.  His owner called us and asked us to take him because he is "too puppy" and he wasn't going to spend another dime on him.  They couldn't get rid of him fast enough, and when he went to our foster, it was if he had never seen the world!  He was hesitant to even get in a car or go through a door, but now he has mastered both skills!  He loves other dogs and does not bother cats!  We think he is darling puppy and will make someone a great companion who wants a dog and not a pet rock!








Adopted*** Chico ***Adopted


Chico has had quite a time finding a place to call his own.  His original owner called and was going off to college and could not keep him.  He went to a couple who was looking for a dog as a playmate for their dog.  He stayed there a week, snapped at the cat and was asked to leave.  In the meantime, we contacted another family looking for a companion and although he was a bit smaller than they anticipated, so far, so good.  Chico can be seen looking at his new world and his owner has requested he be left out of the picture due to his casual apparel.







Adopted*** Jimmy ***Adopted


Jimmy was a surprise Christmas present for a little boy!  We kept our fingers crossed as mom took him and hid him til Christmas morning with a big red bow!  Jimmy loves his very own little boy and is doing great.  He had so much energy here, but apparently he has turned into a good, calm house dog.  Such a great Christmas present!








Jimmy is an American Bulldog mix of some kind!  We even see a touch of Great Dane in him, but suspect he has many different breeds all rolled into one beautiful dog.  He weighs about 60 lbs and is sleek and active, neutered and up to date on shots.  Jimmy has absolutely no aggression with dogs, people or cats.  He was in a shelter in a neighboring state and going nowhere.  As a result of prolonged confinement, he has a lot of energy to expend.  Jimmy loves racing around our 50 acres and will soon settle down!





Adopted*** Tony and Ziva ***Adopted



Tony and Ziva are now living happily in Wisconsin!!  Their parents thought they only wanted one but a family member said "Come on, Dad, they are a bonded pair!!"  So this wonderful couple drove ten hours and met me in Kansas City and I took this picture.  It is not great and they keep promising me more.  There latest reports are that they love the snow and also watch squirrels and wildlife carefully through the sliding door.  I am waiting for the pictures...can't wait to see them!!








Tony and Ziva are two miniature Australian Shepherds.  They weigh about 12 lbs, although Anthony is overweight at this time.  They are both fixed and housebroken.  Tony is 5 years old and Cleo is 3 years old.  We would love for them to be adopted together, but will not hold out for it.  They are very quiet, rarely make a sound, and loving and gentle.  Through a variety of unforeseen circumstances, they have found themselves in need of a home!!








Adopted*** Christmas Pups ***Adopted


Destiny's pups have all gone off to wonderful homes!  The two girls went with young women who have families with other dogs for them to play with.  The boys all went to homes with other dogs and children!  So far the news is that all of them are doing great.  We are so happy Destiny took such good care of her babies until they were rescued and continued to care for them once they came to SCARS!











There are now three of us left!!  We are gorgeous, but no one can figure out our breed. We might have some Husky, maybe Shepherd, who knows BUT we have great dispositions and a beautiful mother.  Mom is not telling who our dad was, so he could have just been about any breed.  We are guessing he maybe large, or extra large, since we are 16 weeks old and weigh 20 lbs.  We are all "fixed" and had our puppy shots and our holiday wish is to have our very own family for Christmas!


This is Mama Destiny, the pup’s mother.  She won’t be available until the pups are all adopted and she has been spayed




2016 Pages

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