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2015 (January)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2015 Pages

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Adopted*** Rex (now known as Koda) ***Adopted


When Rex and Cisco came to SCARS there was work to be done!!  After vet care and socialization, a young woman came to meet our dogs and felt a strong bond with Rex.  He was so shy and submissive and seemed to love the attention, so she took him home for an afternoon.  He seemed to do well and she came back to get him permanently.  Having known nothing but a chain and dirt, one wonders how these dogs maintain their gentle, kind spirits, but most do.  So far "Koda" is enjoying city life, his walks, the cool bathroom tile and the full attention he is getting from his new mom.  When we say goodbye to our dogs, it is with mixed emotions. We are sad to watch them look out from the car window as it pulls away, but proud when we get a call that they are happy and loved.





Adopted*** Lolly and Pop ***Adopted


Remember these two little guys who were hanging out in a haystack?  Well, they have come a long way from that situation. They came to SCARS where they hung out with all the big dogs and were very brave indeed.  Along came a wonderful couple who, like us, thought they should stay together.  After all, they kept each other warm in that hay bale!  They are back in the country but with a different view.  Now they look out on the field from the back of a sofa, snug and warm.  They have a new wardrobe of clothes and doggie beds around the house. I would say they hit the jackpot!!



So, here is our story.  Somehow we went from beloved little housedogs to hay stack dogs.  That's right.  We found ourselves bunking out in hay bales and we can tell you, it wasn't too great.  A nice family snagged us and called a rescue named SCARS and turned us in!!  At first we were concerned that we were in jail, but pretty soon we found out it was sort of fun there....or here!  We have lots of friends to play with but are looking for a home either together, or separately.  I am Lolly, I am a black and white female long haired Chihuahua and I weigh about 7 lbs.  And I am spayed and fairly well housebroken.  My pal is Pop and he is a wirehaired Chihuahua (we think) and he also weighs 7 lbs, is neutered and definitely crate trained.  We are not nippy, we are affectionate and loving and want to snuggle in someone's lap.  Come on and call on us...we are really cute!





Adopted*** Mama’s Pups ***Adopted


Slugger and Moose (now Boomer and Sooner)

All five of Mama's pups are off to their new homes and doing great!! They all have wonderful dispositions and are now housebroken.  Two families adopted two each, leaving Roy who went to a home with another dog.  Mama is still here and waiting for her new home!!



Finnegan and Rosebud (now Tally and Tank)



     Slugger                   Roy              Moose                Finnegan            Rosebud





Adopted*** Lottie ***Adopted


Two years ago Lottie and her puppy arrived here.  They had supposedly followed a man for 6 blocks in over 100 degree heat and he never found the owners.  Both dogs were thin and the puppy had lost an eye.  We took them in and one of our neighbors adopted the baby, Nina, and Lottie stayed here because she was such a favorite.  As time went on we wondered if we could ever let her go.  BUT!!!  Along came just the right home for this bedbug. Lottie likes hanging out on the bed and also watching TV and so does her new mom.  She has one on one attention which she richly deserves and so far, she sounds happy and settled!!






Adopted*** Thomas ***Adopted


Thomas was found as a stray several hours from here, but a friend of ours contacted us.  We agreed to take him and find him a home, which I felt would be easy as he was so cute.  Interestingly enough, people were taken with him, but none really fit.  Eventually, he settled in here until we found the perfect fit, and we did.  Thomas has gone to a home where he is with his new parents all day, gets to go for car rides and will spend this summer traveling in their camper and going on trips!! From the minute he arrived at the new home for a meet and greet, he loved the couple and clearly did NOT want to go back in the car with me, so he stayed!!!



Thomas is a 1-2 year old mix of some sort.  He weighs about 30 lbs, neutered, and is housebroken and great with kids and other dogs.  He was found in a city far from Topeka and their pound was full, so a friend contacted us about taking him.  They called him Thomas, and for now, so will we.  He is a real sweetie and just wants to hang out and watch TV on someone's lap!






Adopted*** Patches ***Adopted


I have been working in animal welfare for over 30 years and have seen many miracles.  I have seen tragedies, but I have seen miracles.  Our miracle of 2015 was surely Elvis and his wonderful family, but WAIT!!!!  There was yet another to come.  Patches was abandoned in a clinic in Topeka and his owner had to go to the rescue mission.  When I went to check on her I thought she was so beautiful, and we brought her here to find out she had a congenital esophagus abnormality.  The result was all adoptions failed before they began.  Yes, she was loving, housebroken, beautiful and gentle, but it seems handicaps are not popular.  So, we decided she would just live out her life here although heelers do not do well among so many dogs...too many to herd.  And her throwing up did not improve.  But, there are still angels doing their work with animals and along came a darling young couple who decided Patches was just right for them.  I warned and over-warned them and assured them if they brought her back, not to feel they had failed.  It is hard to be constantly cleaning up her mess, but she continued to gain weight which made us all happy.  Patches went to her new home in her brand new gingham collar and red leash.  I kept waiting for the phone to ring, so I just called them every day.  She was housebroken.  She was eating and resting well.  And....she had not thrown up so far.  They are keeping her.  She is home.  She is home.




Patches is a 25 lb, female, Blue Heeler.  She is spayed and up to date on shots - and somewhat timid.  She is lively and fun and extremely loving and gentle. Her owner lost his home and was living in the rescue mission when he called and asked us to take her.  He told me many things about her, but left out one vitally important fact. Patches was born with a congenital defect in her esophagus. To survive, she must eat three small meals a day, even if that just means snacks. If she eats too much or too fast, she throws up her food. Therefore, it is going to take a very special family to adopt her.  We love her so much, we are determined to keep her gaining weight if possible and she is safe here and we promised her nothing bad will ever happen just because she was born with an abnormality.  Patches will make someone a great companion and for those of you who know about heelers, when they bond, they bond for life with their human.






Adopted*** Ruby ***Adopted


Ruby came to us from a friend who was going into a nursing home and could no longer take care of her.  She proved to be a gentle, loving soul who would make someone a wonderful pet.  A dear friend who had adopted a dog from us 12 years ago recently lost him to cancer.  When she and her granddaughter met Ruby, they fell in love with her. Today, January 1, was the first day of the rest of her life and we wish her all the happiness of the new year and all years to follow.





Adopted*** Bentley ***Adopted


Bentley hopped on board the "bus" to Topeka with Piper who came from a town in Missouri.  Bentley was out of time and they had forgotten to post him. I saw his picture and knew he would be adoptable because he was so adorable! Sure enough, along came just the right home in time for Christmas!  He now has a brother who is a basset hound and a mom who can spoil both of them.  So far, the news is really good and she even sent us a funny video of him on the sofa.....we love happy endings!





Bentley is a beautiful, 8 month old, male, Lab/Boxer mix. He is neutered, up to date on his shots and, weighs about 50 lbs.  We cannot tell for sure yet if he is housebroken, but I imagine he needs some training.  He was left in a pound in Missouri for 16 days and no one knew about him....they forgot to advertise and by the time they did, he was out of time.  Bentley was picked up by animal control and the owners said they didn't want him.  He is so gentle and loving and sweet...it is incomprehensible why anyone would not cherish this precious dog.




Adopted*** Elvis ***Adopted


We want to ring in the new year with the most wonderful present of all.....Elvis has his very own family!!

He came to us as "Duke" but because he was in a shelter and was too hyper there, he never got adopted.  A volunteer took it upon herself to write such a long and eloquent plea to us for his sake, we caved and took him in.  To our surprise, the reports on this hound dog/Rhodesian Ridgeback were really not accurate.  We changed his name after the crooner,  Elvis the King.  Yes, he can jump higher than a kangaroo, yes he can howl like a banshee, but then there is the other side.  He is loving and sweet,  incredibly loyal and kind. One day a darling family of three came to visit us, not planning on adopting a dog, and Elvis fell in love with "Dad!"  He absolutely adored him, and it was reciprocated.  When they left, it was with the intention of a trial adoption, which has turned into a permanent home.  Elvis has two doggie brothers, one little boy to protect and a loving mom and dad. This is what rescue is all about...happy endings!!




Although we named Elvis after the crooner, he has royal canine lineage. He is actually a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix without the ridge.  He does, however, have the face of the breed and the gorgeous coloring. Elvis will make a wonderful companion as he is totally housebroken, up to date on shots, neutered and weighs about 60 lbs.  He is gentle and loving and anxious to have his very own home.  Elvis loves to run and play, but he curls up on the floor next to me every night while I work on the computer.






2015 Pages

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