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2013 (January to March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2013.



2013 Pages

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Adopted*** Chloe’s Puppies  ***Adopted


The puppies have all been adopted.  Read about them and their new homes below.




Emma was one of Chloe's movie star pups!  Emma was the only solid black dog and she was adopted by the family who volunteers for us and lives close by.  Emma inherited her mom's quiet and loving disposition and has really hit the jackpot for families. If one of the family members isn't holding or walking her down their country lane, the other is. Woohoo!! We are happy.





Hunter is the last of Chloe's gorgeous puppies to get a home.  It was not without tears that he left us today, but his new family will be very good to him.  He already got to go to the Lawrence Art Fair today.  He lives near Belle, his litter mate, so he will get to see his sister ofter for play days.  Hunter has the most wonderful disposition...quiet and gentle and is such a beautiful dog.  We were blessed here at SCARS when Chloe delivered her puppies here instead of Iowa!




Sophie is one of Chloe's beautiful puppies born (surpise!) on Dec 2 at SCARS.  Here she is with her new family.  And since one of the daugh-ters works at SCARS we get to hear all about her and see her grow up!


Bubba Gump


Bubba is one of Chloe's beautiful puppies!! He was the only one with similar markings to hers. He was a pistol right from the start and snuck up on his brothers and sisters and rolled them over. He is reportedly doing just fine and they love him....who wouldn't??




Belle is also one of Chloe's beautiful puppies!  She is almost white and has the sweetest personality.  Here she is with her new human brother....none other than my grandson!! Since his mom grew up with a dog nut, she loves dogs too and Belle is soon to be a very spoiled little pup.









Leo has been adopted by a loyal SCARS volunteer!  Leo was the only one with the light cocoa and white coloring and really is a movie star!  He is very brave and races around like he is in charge.  He even brought mom a yummy present...a snake he caught and killed all by himself!  Leo is now owned by a true dog lover and will be spoiled rotten.



Pie is the new name for the beautiful little tri color female of Chloe's pups!! She is very sweet and a bit timid, which seemed to appeal to her new owners. Pie now has a canine brother who is an American Bulldog and two human sisters. As you can see, they are grinning from ear to ear holding this little precious baby! Looks like she is in good hands.



Luka also was adopted by a longtime SCARS volunteer, Luka was the only puppy with the fluffy, Great Pyrenees coat. He too is a movie star. Luka cuddles with his golden retriever brother, and several other various and sundry cats and dogs. He is a big baby....he cried when he can't find his human mommy!


Luka – May 2013


These puppies were born on Dec. 2 and were quite a surprise!  Mom had a new home in Iowa because her family had lost their house and she had nowhere to go for three days.  We agreed to keep her and the second night she produced a surprise litter of puppies!  They are primarily lab mixes with perhaps a dash of Great Pyrenees.  There are three black, three blonde and two cocoa colored. Two blonde ones and one cocoa have been spoken for.  They will be up for adoption in a few weeks when they are old enough to be spayed and neutered.  In the meantime they are fat and happy and they all have a quiet, gentle temperament like their Mom.




Adopted*** Taylor  ***Adopted




When we first saw Taylor, he was skin and bones.  We will not go into the reason why, but suffice it to say, we got him just in time.  He has been adopted by a Weimaraner lover who has two girls and has now added Taylor, the only male. The three are so happy and when I went to see him today, I hardly recognized him!!  He was jumping around so much I had to get his picture through the fence!!




Taylor, when he first arrived at SCARS





Adopted*** Flash (now known as Daisy Duke)  ***Adopted


Flash is a beautiful purebred Basset Hound whose owner could no longer keep her.  Flash needed to be an only dog since she likes to boss everyone around!!  Finally we found the perfect home for her and she has a human grandchild who plays with her and two parents who spoil her.  According to them, she is just a wonderful companion and we sure are happy for her!!  Oh..and her new name is Daisy Duke!!




Flash is a female, purebred Bassett Hound who has all of her shots, is almost housetrained, is good with children, but needs a home where she is the only dog. She tends to dominate her space over other dogs, so we recommend a single dog household. She weighs about 25-30 lbs. and was given a clean bill of health from the shelter she came from and a private vet also.  Flash loves to be around people and would make a great pet.






Adopted*** Pumpkin  ***Adopted



Today we went to visit Pumpkin in her new home!  Her sister, Annie, was adopted from SCARS 6 years ago and they are fast friends.  Pumpkin is stealing her toys and running up and down the stairs with them, but Annie is tolerating this behavior!  Pumpkin clearly wants to stay right where she is and that is where she is staying! As you can see, Dad adores her and mom does too.



Pumpkin came to us over Halloween...thus her name.  Since she was a severe starvation case, she has created her own breed of "miniature Boxer."  She is a one year old female, spayed, and up to date on shots.  Pumpkin weighs 30 lbs, is housebroken and great with other dogs and kids.  Pumpkin is now very healthy and has a beautiful, shiny coat.  We spoil her here so she wants to be loved and pampered wherever she goes ....she deserves the best.






Adopted*** Bobby (now known as Buddy) ***Adopted


Bobby wins the contest for the fastest adoption!  I had been communicating with a young woman re: our puppies, and at the same time she agreed to take Bobby, a beautiful purebred blonde Lab.  Although Bobby is 4 years old, he was neutered and housebroken and well behaved. The pictures sealed the deal.  Bobby got to go to his new home and all reports from the front are glowing.  Bobby is now Buddy and they love him!!




Adopted*** Jesse (now known as Parker) ***Adopted


Jesse was so named because of his Jesse James behavior.  He is an escape artist and can jump "high buildings."  In addition, he was skittish when he came and hard to catch.  Jesse is gentle and loving, with no aggression, but a bit unsocial. We despaired of the right family coming along, but they did!!  They have a beautiful female shepherd named London and she is teaching Jess, now Parker, to trust.  The latest news is that, in spite of one escape attempt, he is coming along nicely.  We are so happy for "Parker" that he found a family to have the patience he needs.




Jesse is a one year old, beautiful, purebred, male Black Labrador Retriever.  He is housebroken, weighs 40 lbs, is neutered and up to date on shots.  Jesse is well behaved in the house and energetic outside.  He has absolutely no dog or people aggression. J esse will make a perfect companion for the family willing to work with a young, strong lab.





Adopted*** Snoopy  ***Adopted


Snoopy came from a home with older people who were having health issues and could not take care of him.  He then came to SCARS and was briefly adopted but the dog already in the home had issues with another dog on his "territory" and poor Snoopy came back very sad.  He was then adopted to a family who decided not to keep him after insisting he was the perfect dog for them.  We decided no one would get him until we were positive they would love and adore him forever!! It has happened and little Snoopy has settled in his new home with a family who appreciates what a wonderful little guy he is!!!



Snoopy is a ten month old, male, Rat Terrier mix.  He is neutered and up to date on shots.  Snoopy had the misfortune of ending up in a home where he was crated all day in an outside crate.  Surprisingly enough, he is still friendly and happy with adults and children and other dogs.  I guess he is young enough it did not damage his personality.  Snoopy weighs 17 lbs and likes to eat anything put in front of him!  He is a fun little dog who actually bounces in the air when he jumps up!







2013 Pages

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