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2011 (January to March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



2011 Pages

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Adopted*** JoJo ***Adopted


Description: Description: jojo home1.jpg

Well, after many attempts, we finally have a picture of Jojo and his new family!!He has two children to play with and an adorable little fluff ball as a canine companion.Jojo and his family have just moved into their new house and all is going well.Apparently he has fit perfectly into the family, plays with everyone well and is truck dog too...gets to ride around town with dad!We were so happy he found the right home because it is tough going in the dead of winter to find good homes for these guys.



JoJo is a 10 mo old blue heeler/hunting dog mix of some kind.He is neutered, up to date on shots and weighs about 50 lbs.JoJo is a real sweetie.He is housebroken, gets along with other dogs and just has a great all around disposition.He was turned over to us by a woman who was rarely home and she had to keep him in a crate all day...not a good plan for his breed (or any breed!!)He is soft and fluffy and will make a great pet.

Description: Description: jojo 011011-1.jpg



Adopted*** Jude (now known as Buddy) ***Adopted


Description: Description: jude home.jpgJude is now Buddy and this is a great story!He was originally purchased for $1200.The owners apparently regretted that decision and  stuck him outside on a chain and forgot him until they advertised him on the internet "for free."  A kind woman checked him out and was so upset by his condition, she took him home and called SCARS. We took him in and had him neutered, etc. and could not believe how gorgeous he is.We had an inquiry on one of our dogs and I suggested Jude instead.A brave single woman on 200 acres decided to try him and wow is he a big guy!!She has persevered and so far the two of them are doing great.Yes, he is probably too big for her BUT he is really well behaved.When two of my volunteers and I went to visit Buddy, we drove down a long, snowy driveway to see his new owner trudging through the snow dragging a  leash and calling his name.OOPS!!We all piled out to help in the search through the timber and suddenly a huge white apparition came bounding towards us as if to say "What is all the fuss about....I was just taking a short detour!"



Description: Description: jude1.jpg

Jude is a 60 lb., neutered, 18 month old, housebroken, and purebred Great Pyrenees.He is up to date on shots and heartworm negative.Jude gets along well with other dogs and people and is a gentle giant. He loves to play and has an overall great personality. As we get to know him better, we will let you know some more about this beautiful dog, but for now...we think he will make a great pet.







Adopted*** DeeDee ***Adopted


Description: Description: deedee home1.jpg

Deedee, aka Winona, aka Noel, has finally gone home.Her story was confusing...she turned up as a stray and no one claimed her.Weeks later the original owner heard about our sign in Auburn and called SCARS.Deedee had been adopted to a family who basically abandoned her and did not tell anyone when they lost/turned her out.So she remained "at large" for several scary weeks, scary for the original owners who could not contact the new family.We did get together and found out she is spayed and housebroken and we began our search for a new family and found one!!Deedee is now happily settled in with an orchestra teacher and I hear she is learning to sing and play instruments.She is still afraid of car rides (go figure) but overcoming her other problems and her new family says she is just one great dog.Here she is in front of the Christmas tree....a fabulous addition to their family for the holidays.




Description: Description: winona1.jpgDeeDee has a mysterious origin.We do not know where she came from. Winnie showed up one day in the yard of a family in Auburn and they brought her here.We thought she would be claimed immediately, but a week and then two went by, and nothing.Nothing in the paper, no call to the shelter, no call to the local vet.So, it appears she is now ours and up for adoption. Noel is now spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and weighs about 35-40 lbs.What we know about her so far is she is energetic, well behaved and quiet in the house.She gets along well with dogs and people but since we have no cats here, there is no information on that.†† And...she is really pretty!






Adopted*** Red (now known as Hannibal) ***Adopted



Description: Description: red home1.jpg

I really can't think of anything more rewarding than placing a homeless dog with a loving family and knowing he is safe.Red showed up in a parking lot one night and a woman kindly took him in and kept him.But she asked me to please find him a home...soon.Finally, SCARS took him to one of our fosters and he settled in, but he knew he was still waiting for his real home.Along came a young woman with three siblings who needed a dog to love. She is a history buff and renamed him Hannibal after the well known general with his ill fated trip across the mountains with the elephants.However, she finds Hannibal to be a fascinating historical personage, and hence the new name for Red.As you can see, he is happy and well cared for by a lucky and kind family.



Description: Description: red1 122210-1.jpgDescription: Description: red2 122210-1.jpgRed was found lost in a parking lot and a kind woman took him home.He was already neutered and housebroken so itís clear he was once a family dog.Every effort to find his home failed.He is now up to date on shots and weighs about 50 lbs. He has never had an accident, the children love him, and he has never shown any signs of aggression. Red is some sort of a lab mix and has a gorgeous, shiny red coat.He is the perfect dog for a family.






Adopted*** Sammy ***Adopted


Description: Description: sammy home1-1.jpg

Well Sammy finally has gone home!!First he was thrown out because he had an accident on the sofa...we sure didn't think that was too bad BUT his owners did.It seemed no one could deal with his various issues and like most good looking "people," he has a few.However, his new mom and dad fell in love with him and off they went!His dad works from home so he is not alone very often and mom is a teacher so she is home at a reasonable hour.He has a huge yard and house to explore and we just know he will have a fabulous life!


Hereís a letter to SCARS from the new parents:


Maureen & Terry,

I'm not sure where to start other than to say thank you very much for all you do in taking care of the dogs you have and for letting Sue and I adopt Sammy.He is a wonderful pet and a perfect fit for our family.

I have to tell you after thoroughly viewing your SCARS website and reading the letters, the stories and the videos, Sue and I thought we were very prepared for our visit to pick up Sammy.Boy were we wrong.We have never seen anything like the dogs gathering together at your front fence to welcome us.So much excitement and so much joy.We both felt overwhelmed by the sight, the sounds and the emotions we had in that initial interaction with all the dogs.It truly was one of the most special visits.We still cannot get over how well all the dogs got along and how well behaved the dogs were around us.It was a joy to meet each dog.Not that every dog was OK with new strangers around but almost all were friendly and generous with their affection.I understand your point of people who visit and would like to take several dogs home.

Please know that Sammy has already brought Sue and I more joy than one can imagine.Although Sammy and I spend a great deal of time together, he is Sue's dog.They already have a special bond that is so evident when he lays asleep in her lap or how he nervously runs around the house looking for her when he doesn't know where she is.As I said before, Sammy is a perfect fit for our family.

Finally, Sammy is still getting adjusted to us and we need to let that play out a little more.We need to spend some time on training Sammy like walking on a lease and a few other simple activities.However, when the time comes to find Sammy a pal to run with, please know SCARS will be our first stop.




Description: Description: sammie1.jpgSammie is a beautiful, one year old, male, purebred (and registered) Cocker Spaniel.He is neutered, up to date on shots, weighs 33 lbs, heartworm negative, and housebroken (unless he gets scared).Sammie is good with kids and other dogs.His human dad gave mom 3 days to get him out of the house "or else" because he had an accident on the sofa.She said he doesn't have accidents when he is with her.He has lots of energy that he is now running off in the country.We will keep you updated on his progress and here is a little video too!







2011 Pages

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