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2010 (January - February)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



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Adopted*** Maya  ***Adopted


maya home1Maya had a ride to Kansas city in Maureen's Jeep to meet her new family.  They thought she was "beautiful" and she went off to meet her new brother named Dash who is also a dachshund.  Dash lost his playmate last year and has been very lonely and we all think Maya will be the perfect playmate.  Stay tuned!




Maya is a beautiful 15 lb, 2 year old, black and tan Dachshund.  She is spayed, up to date on her shots, and we are not sure yet about being housebroken.  Maya is definitely crate trained.  She survived the blizzard of 2009 with minimal shelter so she is a tough little trooper. She seems to like other animals and is a bit afraid of men at first.  One must be gentle and move slowly to get her trust. 





Adopted*** Remy  ***Adopted



Remy was adopted before we could get her on the webpage!


Remy is a 5 month old, female, purebred St. Bernard who ended up being too big as a college "roommate."  Maureen was talking to a woman one day who said "if you ever get a St. Bernard, let me know!”  Knowing she would be going to a wonderful home with people who are serious animal lovers and have dogs and horses, we told her about Remy.  Remy is settling nicely into her new home and we will look forward to hearing about her progress.




Adopted*** Harry (now known as Barkley)  ***Adopted


harry home 011710-1

This is Harry, now known as Barkley.  He is now happily settled with his new family and doing fine.  We worried about him because he was so shy and afraid of his own shadow. However, when his new family saw his picture they fell in love with him and were willing to win him over and put up with his quirky little traits! So, we feel we can relax now and know that he has found his forever home.



harry no cast1harry no cast2-1

Harry is a male, 2 year old, purebred, Rat Terrier.  He is neutered, housebroken and really sweet.  He weighs about 15 lbs, is heartworm negative, and up to date on shots.  Harry's owner could not keep him. He is a perky, and cute little guy who needs a loving home where he can get a lot of attention.  Is this the dog for you?






Adopted*** Pug Mix Pup #1  ***Adopted


pug 1 home1

The first of our pug pups has gone off to his new home!! When I was contacted by the couple who adopted him, they wanted a small dog. I told them about the pug mix pups and that the dad was a small/medium sized setter..they were interested!! So tonight they met all three little boys and this one is now going home for good.



pug mix pups1These three little boys are ten weeks old, neutered, and are up to date on shots.  Their mom is a purebred pug and dad a medium sized setter so they will probably not be too big.  They are gentle and sweet and seem to have quiet dispositions.  They get along well with other dogs and all kids. We will keep the website updated on their progress!




Adopted*** Horatio (now known as Rudy)  ***Adopted



2010_0104BabyAli0033-1Horatio is now Rudy (short for Rudolph the Brown Nosed Reindeer) since he was adopted at Christmas time.  The family had recently lost one of their dogs and the remaining one was lonely and needed a friend. Rudy and his canine brother are doing fine, but Rudy really likes the cat and follows him around. He also likes the grandkids and seems to have won the hearts of the family. We are happy he is safe and warm and was in his new home for the blizzard of 2009!



Horatio is a 25-30 lb mix of some sort ... we are not quite sure what.  He was found in the middle of the night wandering down a road covered in fleas and heavily matted.  He is around two years old and quite lively. Horatio is now neutered and up to dates on all shots.  He loves people and other dogs and seems to have a great disposition!!







Adopted*** Stella  ***Adopted


stella home 0110-1Stella has settled nicely into her new home with her brother Caymus.  She gets to go to the bark park every day and shares a comfy sofa with her new brother. Stella was on death row in a shelter near Wichita so we are all very happy she has found a wonderful new home and has the love she so richly deserves.



speck1Stella was on death row in a large shelter in Kansas.  She was rescued and went to a new home who decided in 24 hours they weren’t ready for a dog.  So she was then dumped in a boarding facility and we took her in as she had nowhere to go. Stella is now spayed, up to date on shots, stella-speck1heartworm negative and appears to be housebroken.  Today was her first day running free on 50 acres with 40 visiting teenagers from a local school and she had a blast!!  She swam in the pond and played with the kids and dogs. She appears to be afraid of men but gets over it once she begins to trust them. According to a local expert, she is a blue brindle Australian Shepherd.  We just love her and know she will make someone a fabulous companion.




Adopted*** Princess (now known as Mudgie)  ***Adopted



princess home 0110-1Princess is now Mudgie!!  When she was brought to SCARS - a stray with a too tight collar on and somewhat matted - we began the search for her owners.  Weeks went by and no one claimed her which was highly unusual for a purebred Sheltie with such a sweet disposition.  So I turned to an old friend who is a Sheltie lover and has one of her own.  She and her husband kindly took Princess in to see how she would get along with their dog but said "No promises!"  As time went by their calls became less frequent and the "we don't really need two dogs line" sort of rose up in the air and dissipated.  Mudgie is now playing happily with her sister Sheltie, has a glossy and luxurious coat, and is content in her new digs.  She gave me the "I am not going back to the orphanage" look when I stopped by for pictures and looked at her new mom and dad clearly saying "protect me" with her eyes!!!  We love happy endings!



A few days ago this beautiful little purebred Sheltie was brought to SCARS with a collar and no tag.  We have advertised in the paper, called the humane society, and animal control with no response.  We do not have a lot of info yet ... do not know if she is spayed and the vet may not know either.  We are in the process of getting her inoculated.  We do know that she is housebroken and very, very sweet and quiet (she has yet to make a sound !!)  Princess weighs about 15 lbs.  She seems to be very healthy and we estimate that she is about 2 years old.







2010 Pages

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