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2009 (January - March)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2009.



2009 Pages

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Adopted*** Brittany ***Adopted


This pretty little cocker is now named Brittany and she has a wonderful family who love her! She has two boys to play with but she has decided "mom" is her favorite person. We are so happy she has found her forever home.






This Cocker Spaniel is almost a year old and almost housebroken!She are well socialized and up to date on shots.She is really sweet and gentle




Adopted*** Savannah ***Adopted


Savannah just kept sabotaging her adoption.She acted skittish and shy and wouldn't warm up to anyone.She would sit in the chair looking skeptically at her would-be adopters.However, one gal just fell in love with her and said "Savannah picked me!" Here they are together and arenít they the perfect couple???




Savannah is a three year old, female, Chihuahua mix.She is spayed, up to date on shots, and a great lap dog when she warms up to you as she is timid at first.She can become very possessive and doesn't want other dogs to share her owner's lap.Savannah is not crazy about kids and probably would be best as an only dog.  






Adopted*** Domino***Adopted


Our cutie pie, Domino, has finally found a home!! He was a tough one ... had his little tongue hanging out all the time and had to be fed special food so we werenít sure the right home would come along!However, our fears were in vain for he has settled in nicely with a family who adores him and caters to his needs.Thanks so much for keeping him safe!!





Domino is a male, long haired Chihuahua. He is neutered amd almost housebroken.His tongue hangs out most of the time from missing teeth!! (we think it makes him look very dashing)Domino is very quiet and calm and will sit in your lap for hours.




Adopted*** Peaches***Adopted



Peaches has gone off to her new family and all reports are good. She has two little girls to love her and a big yard to play in. Peaches was abandoned in a park and found by children, so we knew she had to have kids of her own. She is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs we have ever had and we feel she has finally found her forever home.


Peaches is a female, one year old Retriever mix.We do not have much info on her at this time, but she was abandoned at a park in town and brought home by some local children.She is very gentle and loving and a little bit timid.We were impressed that she stayed in our car just after we picked her up while we went inside a store, and she never moved a muscle.Peaches coat is silky like velvet and this little gal is going to make someone a great pet.




Adopted*** Cocker Spaniel Pups ***Adopted

(now known as Rudy and Sadie)


Sadie Heart is our valentine adoption!! She has gone off to her new family and, as you can see, they are all gorgeous and happy!! Sadie has two parents, 3 kids and 5 cats to play with. She has her own fenced yard and run of the house. Mom works at home so she wont be alone hardly at all. Thanks for giving this gal a great home!!!



One of the Cocker Spaniel pups has been adopted.His new family is very happy to be getting and have named him Rudy.He will have a big fenced backyard to play in with his new people, including two boys, a 3 year old and an almost 7 year old. His new Mom works close enough to the house that she is able to come home at lunch to let the puppy out during the day.



Adopted*** Rosie ***Adopted


Rosie is one of the Beagle/Pekingese mix pups who have headed for a new home! Rosie's owner is retired so she gets to have company all day. She gets lots of walks and watches TV. Her family also consists of kids (grandkids) and they keep her busy too!!


Because SCARS camera was not functioning for a while, we apologize for not having pictures of all the pups and their new homes.The good news is they have now all been placed in happy homes. Two live with retired folks who are spoiling them rotten, two others have gone to families with young children and they seem to be doing just fine. We wish we could give you more information, but the fact that they are all now safe and happy is just great!!



We have 4, three month old Pekingese/Beagle mix puppies. They have been wormed and had puppy shots and are very sweet and lovable.Are you looking for a puppy?Well these are just perfect!


Update: 01/02/09

They will be small dogs and weigh about 8-10 lbs now at 12 weeks. They have had shots and have been wormed and all are getting neutered next Friday. They are extremely MELLOW pups...and housebroken, if you can believe it!!




Adopted*** Donatello ***Adopted


Doantello is off to Oklahoma where he will have two sisters, a Border Collie and another Aussie. He is looking forward to being enrolled in "herding classes" where he willl earn to herd sheep. Since he has been wearing himself out at SCARS herding 50 dogs, he will just think he is back to business with white dogs. He will be an inside dog when not working and has a stay at home mom. We think he is one of the neatest dogs we have ever had here and will miss him so much!!



Donatello is a purebred and registered, red Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one copper eye.He is neutered, up to date on shots and housebroken.He is good with other dogs and cats but not good with small children.  Donnie's parents moved up here from Florida and are unable to keep him where they are now located. They feel he needs more room and attention. He is a beautiful boy and will make some family a fabulous pet.





2009 Pages

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