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2008 (Jan – Mar)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



2008 Pages

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Adopted*** MADELINE  ***Adopted


Maddie has been adopted and now has two human kids to play with and a blonde lab big sister. She gets to go on walks, car rides and soon will be in doggie obedience school. Maddie even "borrowed" her lab sister's chair, so we guess they are doing fine together. We hope she will have a wonderful life.




Madeline is a beautiful, gentle, female, purebred, blonde Labrador Retriever. She is 7 months old, spayed, housebroken, and up to date on her shots. Madeline needs a home where she can either be an only dog or a friend of another dog who is not overbearing. Madeline is not hyper like many labs and would be the perfect family dog.







Adopted*** LUCY  ***Adopted


Lucy has had a tough time finding the right home. For one reason or another, she has been forced to leave several homes through no fault of her own. She settled in nicely at SCARS just waiting for her forever family, which we think she has found. She has the run of the house and a Mom and Dad to take care of her. They bought her a new bed, which, after tearing it open and tossing the contents around, she took it up on their bed and got comfy. Personality is her middle name! Oh ... and we didn't know this, but she does tricks! When her new owner tells her to sit for a treat, she twirls around a couple of times first and then sits like a perfect little lady.



Lucy is a spayed, housebroken, 12 lb, Rat Terrier.  She is up to date on shots, 3 years old, and quite the lively one.  She has a sweet personality and is not hyper in any way. The only sign of aggression is when she tried to scare the vacuum cleaner away.  Lucy gets along well with dogs and people alike but would thrive in a home where she can get a lot of attention. Is Lucy the dog for you??





Adopted*** Annie (now known as Lucy) & Amy  ***Adopted


Annie and Amy have both been adopted.  Annie (now Lucy) has a great new home with a family who just loves her. She has her own yard and a new bed. Her new mom comes home at lunch and takes her for walks and so far, all is well. The family lives near a cemetery and has decided not to take her for walks there as it might bring back bad memories!!



These adorable 4 month old, female, pups were found at a cemetery on an icy night.  They are now housebroken.  A family had gone to put flowers on a grandmother’s mother's grave and no one was around...it was snowing and very icy. Suddenly they saw these two little gals near a grave....dumped there and full of worms.  Here is a great story...the grandmother who was buried there had adopted a  dog from SCARS some years ago. We do wonder at the coincidence. Although it is hard to see, they are brindle in color and sweet as can be.









Adopted*** Cami ***Adopted


Cami has gone to live with a wonderful young family that loves her dearly.  She will spend her days playing with twins in a big back yard.  When the kids are at school she will spend her days with Mom playing with all her new toys.  No more days in the hot sun or cold wind for this little girl - only lots of love and attention.



Cami is a 20 pound, 3 year old, female mix of some sort (perhaps a bit of Cocker Spaniel?).  She is spayed and housebroken.  Cami is a darling little gal and would make a great addition to any family. She is up to date on her shots and can be kenneled for awhile during the day but needs to be an inside dog.  Is this the dog you’re looking for??







Adopted*** Moe ***Adopted

(now known ad Cooper)


Moe is now Cooper and happy with his new family,. He has 3 children to play with and when he gets tired, he relaxes on his favorite easy chair (one in pic) We are so happy he is no longer wandering, alone down a gravel road in the country!!


Moe is a one year old, male, Sharpei/Lab mix.  He is up to date on shots, neutered and a wonderful size...only about 35 lbs. He was found wandering down a dirt road and all attempts to find its owner failed. Moe loves other dogs, and is gentle, sweet and that gorgeous dark chocolate color. He would be a great addition to any family. Not sure yet if he is housebroken, but we are working with him on it.  Please fill out an application (below) and call or write if you are interested.






Adopted*** Abby ***Adopted


Abby has gone to her new home in Abilene, KS.  We now call her Abilene Abby. Her new mom came with a fancy pink collar and matching leash and she loved it. Her new Dad is still in Iraq but he has seen pictures of her on the computer and is looking forward to meeting her in April. She will be his running partner. In the meantime, she, Mom and the cat are getting to be great friends. We are so happy for her because her foster parents saved her just in time from being put to sleep at a pound two hours away. What a waste that would have been to lose that precious life. Well, she is safe now!!




Abby, a female Blue Heeler mix, was rescued from the Clay County pound because her time was up. Friends of SCARS drove 3 hours to get her, and she is a real doll.  She weighs bout 50 pounds, is spayed, up to date on shots, and good with Kids and other dogs.  Abby is smart as she can be and responds to many commands. She is a year old and has an appointment to be spayed next week. As you can see, she has a beautiful coat and loving eyes. Abby will make some family a very special companion.


See a short movie of Abby here.







Adopted*** Lightening  ***Adopted


Lightening has gone to a big farm with cattle and so far, he’s being a good boy. The family has an elderly Lab who doesn't get around much anymore and a fun Rat Terrier as a pal for Lightening. They had forgotten how energetic a young lab can be but so far, so good!



Lightening is an 8 month old, purebred, registered Labrador Retreiver. He is very energetic and loving. His owner describes him as a “great dog!"  However, he keeps jumping their 4 ft. fence and he needs either a taller fence or room in the country to run. Lightening is good with kids and will make some family a great addition.








2008 Pages

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