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2007 (Jan – Mar)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2007.



2007 Pages

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Adopted*** Donut ***Adopted


Donut has been adopted to a wonderful retired man who will take him for walks and morning coffee with his buddies. He has a doggie friend next door and lots of friendly, caring neighbors. We here at SCARS feel Donut now has the perfect home!!


Donut is a middle aged Lhasa Apso mix. He is neutered and appears to be housebroken. He was severely matted when found and has now been groomed. His teeth are worn down from chewing on a metal fence, but the vet says they are fine.  He may have to eat canned food for some time. Donut and I rode home from his rescue in a snow storm and the car slid on the ice and made a donut on the road and into the ditch, hence his name. He put his paw on my arm when we finally came to a stop as if to thank me for ending the drama.  He is loving and quiet, but wags his tail non stop. This is a gem of a dog.





Adopted*** Teddy ***Adopted


Teddy has been adopted by a great family and now lives in the country.  He has another Pekinese as a companion and is no longer afraid of people and is having lots of fun.  Way to go Teddy!


Teddy is a purebred, male, Pekingese.  He is being fostered in a quiet home now where he is learning to trust people. Teddy is about 10 lbs and is nervous around sudden movements so children are not recommended.

Teddy is loving and adorable but must he handled very gently. He is already showing great improvement.







Adopted*** Pierre ***Adopted


Pierre has been adopted and is now with his new family.  He has a little girl to spoil him all day long. Pierre is getting lots of attention and they love his great personality.

Pierre is a white, 8 pound, male Bichon Frise/Poodle mix.  He came to us with Flower (below) after a cruelty conviction.  Pierre is also around 2-3 years old, wormed, and up to date on shots.  We are still assessing his degree of housetraining and waiting for him to get his strength up to have him neutered.  He is very friendly and outgoing and would make a great house pet. Let us know if you have a home for him…






Adopted*** Bailey ***Adopted

Bailey was adopted yesterday by a wonderful woman!! She is an archaeologist and she will probably be going on digs and finding bones that are yummy even if they are thousands of years old!!! Bailey has finally found someone "to love and be loved in return." Here she is with her new mom and we wish them many happy years together.

Bailey is a spayed, (maybe housebroken) 2 year old shorthaired blonde mix of some sort (looks like some Lab). She is lively and fun and loves everyone. Bailey has absolutely no aggression and tends to be submissive with other dogs, but playful. Her owners had "no time" for her and she was alone as an outside dog with no companions. She is being fostered now and having a ball with two other pups to run around with.




Obedience School Grad



Adopted***Sheeba ***Adopted


Sheeba has a "forever home" with a wonderful couple in the country. After being rescued off of the chain in KC, Sheeba went to a foster home for SCARS. Unable to give her up, they have decided to keep her as a member of their own family. She has several other dogs to play with, lots of room to run and lots of toys!!  Sheeba is truly living the good life. Here she is with Dad, and Mom is taking the pictures.






Sheeba is a one year old, female, purebred white Siberian Husky. She gets along great with people, as well as other dogs, and is housebroken!!  Sheeba weighs about 40 punds, is housebroken, and up to date on all he shots.  The owner bred her, kept her pups, put her on a chain in the front yard and said "take this dog."  Sheeba is a beautiful girl who deserves a family and a wonderful life.  Can you find a place for her in your home!






Adopted***Cyan ***Adopted


Cyan has a new home in the country on 13 acres with a 2 year old and a 3rd grader to take her for walks and throw her tennis ball. She is very excited about her new family and left in their truck riding in the back seat between her new "brother and sister!"




Cyan is a female, one year old Australian/ German Shepherd mix. She is spayed, up to date on shots and housebroken.  Cyan has one blue and one brown eye. Her owner is moving to an apartment and, unfortunately, cannot keep her. She is fine with cats and loves other dogs. Like most of her breed, Cyan needs a great deal of exercise and will play and run until she drops!!









2007 Pages

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