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Our Adopted Friends

2004 (Jan – Mar)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.



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Adopted*** FAWNA ***Adopted


Fawna is a female, 4 year old Golden Retriever.  She is spayed, housebroken and very quiet. Fawna is a bit timid and needs a great deal of attention which her present owner is not able
to give her.  She is just beautiful and would make a great companion for someone who has the time she deserves.


Fawna has gone to a good home in Wichita where she has become a member of the family. She wakes her new owners up every 10 minutes to shake hands so they aren’t getting a lot of sleep!  But Fawna is feeling safe and happy.




Adopted*** KAISER ***Adopted

Kaiser is a gorgeous, two year old, tri-colored, Australian Shepherd.  He is housebroken, neutered, and very well behaved. Kaiser was rescued at a garage sale (can you believe he was being sold at a garage sale) by wonderful family who would like to find a home for him with more room to run.


Kaiser was adopted by a great couple and is now living on 200 acres. This is perfect for a Australian Shepherd who needs tons of room to run.





Adopted*** BUBBA ***Adopted


Bubba has been adopt by a great family in Junction City. He gets the run of the house, and is making himself at home, as you can see…


Bubba is a beautiful, 7 year old, St. Bernard.  He is housebroken, and good with the family. His owner is retired and cannot take care of him anymore because she is too old.  He needs a loving family to give him a good home.





Adopted*** LAYLA ***Adopted



Layla is going to a family in a small town in Kansas who will give her lots of love and attention. She came from a shelter in Hiawatha, KS and is now in her very own home.  Isn’t that the perfect family?









Adopted*** BUSTER ***Adopted

Buster is a male, 9 week old, shepherd/chow mix desperately in need of a home.  He’s a wonderful dog and will make someone a great pet.  If you’re looking for a puppy, this guy’s for you!


Buster has been adopted and has gone home to his new family.  Way to go, Buster!








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