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Our Adopted Friends

2003 (Jan – Jun)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes. 



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Adopted*** TEDDY ***Adopted




(arrived 5/10/03) We just received a male, year old, soon to be neutered, rat terrier found on the Indian reservation. We have very little information on him. He is pretty lively but real good disposition and needs a home. We gave him the name Teddy, but you can rename him when you bring him home!








Adopted*** SWEETIE ***Adopted


Sweetie appeared at the door of a considerate and concerned woman, who, in turn, requested information on SCARS from a friend. She couldn’t keep this beautiful adult Border Collie, but didn’t want to take her to the shelter (she did not want the dog put to sleep). We got out our trusty book of reliable SCARS friends and found the phone number of a dog lover we knew would be interested. Lo and behold, a great bond was formed!


Sweetie is already housebroken, great with kids and a playful companion. At last report things are working out great.






Adopted*** BEAU ***Adopted


Beau came to us from Wichita.  He is a year old, purebred, black Lab, who was left in a dark room for ten days with no food and little water.  We later found out that he had endured this punishment twice and survived.  Finally, a neighbor managed his rescue and he found his way into our home.  When I first saw Beau, the love in his eyes was compelling, in spite of the fact he was thin and weak.  We brought him home to live with us, had him neutered, tested for heart worms, and made sure he received all of his shots. Next came the laborious task of placing him in a home where he would never be abused again.  Our prayers were answered and he has since been adopted by a loving family in Wamego.  They’ve faced many difficult challenges, but have surmounted them all, and Beau is now a permanent member of their family.  His new mother and I have had many tearful phone conversations and the last press release was, “We love him so much, I don’t think we could ever live without him.  He is such a gentleman.”




Adopted*** ROSIE ***Adopted



Here’s Rosie – Goin’ Home!!


(arrived 5/19/03) Rosie is a 6 week old, female, German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix with a docked tail and one blue eye and one brown. She was abandoned at the Expo Center during a high school graduation. Some students picked her up and took to the Cummins’ at SCARS on Monday. Rosie is just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!







Adopted*** MIA ***Adopted


Mia was found in the country, along with her mother and the rest of her litter.  Unfortunately, her mother had rejected her, and she was going hungry while her brothers and sisters were being nursed by her mother.  When we came to see her, she was living in a barn and the people who had found her were now feeding her.  They were not equipped to keep her, so she became one of the SCARS family!  We managed to find Mia a home, and we hope to find and adopt the rest of the litter!






Adopted*** SUSIE & SAMMY   ***Adopted




I just talked to the couple who adopted the Lhasas in the story below.  They are crazy about the dogs, now known as Susie and Sammy! They sleep in the couple’s bed and the husband gave them both a bath today. The dogs accompany them to the pasture to check the cattle. It was worth that stressful trip!


(story reported week of 3/15/03)

I received a frantic call one night from a friend who had three dogs with nowhere to go. Knowing the staggering euthanasia rate at our local shelter, she opted to call us instead (I suppose we are the only "no kill" shelter in this area).  A friend of hers who had been in a terrible depression, was unfortunately, found dead, an apparent victim of suicide. His wife was incoherent and wouldn’t return to the house where he had been found until the three dogs - a purebred Jack Russell terrier and two Lhasa Apsos - were gone (Too much of a reminder of her husband).  I told my friend we would take them and she met us in the parking lot, in the rain, that night at a restaurant where we were having dinner.  I loaded all three into the van and brought them home.  They were terrified, shaking and wouldn’t eat. According to the vet, the home life had been highly stressful for people and dogs. My first job was to get them fed, calm, and safe, which we did.  The Lhasas were heavily matted and dirty, the terrier clean but scared. We began networking immediately and the terrier was adopted by an attorney and his family, and he is doing well.  The Lhasas are still here but going to Petsmart Sat from 12-3:00 to showcase for adoption.




Adopted*** COOPER  ***Adopted


Cooper was abandoned on the Indian reservation in Kansas and ended up at the local vets. He is a one year old, purebred Australian Shepherd. A friend contacted us and asked if we could give him a home.  Of course we said yes!  We had him neutered, got his shots, and brought him to our house. A week later Terry's son adopted him for his daughter, Brittany, who loves him very much. He is a wonderful dog and has no bad habits.


          Rescued dogs are the best!!






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