September 2007


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Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402



September 2008




Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

(785) 256-2976


SCARS is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3) rescue organ-ization and sanctuary where more than 50 once-abused and abandoned dogs run free on 50 grassy acres with secure fencing and two ponds.  They receive veterinary care, bath-ing and grooming, two square meals a day, and plenty of exercise and attention.   Through our web page (thank you webmaster), and working with other rescue organizations we are able to place many dogs with loving families, but our remaining dogs constitute quite a herd.  We are always in need of contributions from friends like you, as well as volunteers to assist and play with the dogs.


Since we both have full time jobs, we are often asked, “How do you find the time to rescue and care for so many dogs?”  Truthfully, there are days when we wonder ourselves how long we can ride this rescue roller coaster - physically, emotionally, and financially.  We witness horrible instances of animal cruelty and for every one dog we save there are ten more out there - starving on the end of a chain, denied even the basic ingredients for survival, lonely and ignored.  But we also enjoy glorious success, which we hope is reflected in our newsletters and our web page.  Visit our web page at and click on the slide show to see some of our dogs enjoying the good life.



Thank you to the National Humane Society in Delaware for their continued support and encouragement.




“If tears could build a stairway or memories a lane, I would climb right up to Heaven and bring you home again”

                                                             - (author unknown)








Pictured on last years newsletter, Mele came from a lab rescue. She belonged to Maureen's sister.

Pipsqueak’s Journey


A dog starved at his master’s gate

Predicts the ruin of the state.”

- William Blake


Although many are, this was not a case of deliberate animal cruelty.   However, the mother dog was dirty and starving and her four puppies were not going to make it either.  So we stepped in and brought the little family to SCARS.


Empty Water Bucket


Momma and Pip




The runt of the litter, whom we named Pipsqueak, went straight to the emergency vet with severe dehydration and we crossed our fingers.  Luck was on our side and in a few days Pip returned to his family where he caught up on his naps.  Soon they were all accepting visitors.  And look what the magic of TLC has done for Momma!


Safe now


Brownie Troop visits


On the road to recovery


In time we found wonderful homes for Pip’s littermates, and we wondered if anyone would be interested in this little guy who got off to such a bad start.  But our prayers were answered when the perfect family appeared and fell in love with our little runt.  Pip’s star was on the rise.  But not for long.


Vet Tech with Pip


Pip at emergency Vet clinic


Watching TV

The news could not have been worse.  Pip’s initial diagnosis, from all indications, was dysautonomia, a disease found in Kansas and Missouri, rare but debilitating, with chances of survival slim to none.  It seemed this little guy would never get a break.  But sometimes denial pays off.   More vets, more blood tests, more opinions, (more money), and finally, a different diagnosis - a massive bacterial infection which, with the proper medications and diet, could be cured!  Pip’s little star was twinkling madly.  Everyone said a silent prayer and let out a deep breath, especially two children who had chosen him for their very own.


Pip is home



They say a picture speaks 1,000 words.  We agree.  That is why we do what we do.


                                                Terry and Maureen Cummins



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