September 2007


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Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402



September 2007





Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

(785) 256-2976




SCARS is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3) animal rescue or-ganization, located on 50 fenced-in acres with two ponds and large, grassy fields where more than 50 dogs roam free.  We are constantly in need of contributions from friends like you to maintain the dogs’ well being - food, routine vet-erinary care, spaying and neutering, as well as unexpected emergencies.  Our sanctuary also welcomes volunteers to assist and play with the dogs.  Our mission is to provide a home for abused and abandoned dogs.  (Please visit our webpage for dogs awaiting adoption.)  Aided by our wonderful webmaster and working in concert with other rescue organizations, we placed over 50 dogs this year into loving homes.  These lucky ones are featured on our web-page as “Success Stories.”  Other dogs will have a perm-anent home with us.  Many have health problems, some are disabled, others too old to be relocated.  For some, SCARS is the only home they can remember.  They will live out their remaining years with us in their fields and ponds.




Thank you to the National Humane Society in Delaware for their continued support and encouragement.



Our Heroes




Recently retired veterinarian and friend

Dr. Doug Jernigan with Maureen



Webmaster Wayne  with wife Julie



President of the National Humane Society Humane Society, with his children, visiting SCARS



A sincere thank you to South Topeka WalMart for their generous donations of food and to members of the community who adopt our dogs and support our cause.


“thanks for helping”


“Dogs are blameless, devoid of calculation, neither blessed nor cursed with human motives.  They can’t really be held responsible for what they do.   But we can.”


(Jon Katz, The Dogs of Bedlam Farm)



We at SCARS have had a busy year fulfilling our respon-sibilities to the many abused and abandoned dogs who have come our way.  Sheeba, a beautiful Anatolian Shep-herd, is one our largest and most photogenic dogs. When we found her she was in very sorry circumstances, but we could see how gentle and forgiving she was.



             Cutting the wire…



                                                                      Soon she was on her way to SCARS…



      and the welcoming committee.



“Hi.  You must be the new kid.  We’ve been here a while so we’ll show you the ropes.  There aren’t many rules - just be nice to the other dogs and, when Terry speaks, you listen.  We have a lot of fun every day.”



     “You can swim in the pond,




                                                                                                 or crash on the couch.”



          “You can deliver messages,



                                                                                            or play King of the Hill.”



“Some of us take naps with Terry,



                                                                                                       or take long walks.”


“But we all come in at dinnertime.”


“Maureen works very hard to find us new homes, but they have to be really special.  When she is not at work she is always on the computer or phone, and if she hears from someone who wants us they have to answer a lot of questions and have a follow up visit.  If things don’t work out we come right back to SCARS.  She won’t ever let us be abandoned again.”



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